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Myra Breckinridge

CastRaquel Welch, Mae West, John Huston, Rex Reed, Farrah Fawcett, John Carradine, Roger Herren
Year released1970
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Myron prepares to undergo sex reassignment surgery. (0:01)

Myron, now Myra: “Did Myron take his own life, you will ask?” (0:07)

Myra tells her uncle acting teacher Buck what she wants to teach: “Posture and empathy should do nicely.”
Buck: “Posture and Empathy is a subject the students badly need.”
Buck tells student Irving, ”My niece, Ms. Myra Breckinridge who will be teaching empathy and posture.” (0:13)

One acting student tells another, “Why, you’re on drugs.” (0:17)

Myra tells the others, “You simply must understand that that pseudo-analytical group therapy approach to acting...”
Myra, referring to Mary Anne: “She is mentally retarded.” (0:20)

Myra tells Buck, “Yes, it’s a dance act for the Menninger Clinic...” (0:22)

Myra tells Buck, “What you have assembled here is... the misfits and neurotics...“
”You just try it you mother and I’ll take this place away from you lock stock and empathy class.” (0:34)

Buck tells his attorney Charlie, Sr., “Maybe you could plant drugs on her.” (0:40)

Agent Leticia tells Buck, “Everyone’s popping pills and smoking grass.” (0:49)

Judge Frederick smokes a joint. (0:53)

Attorney Charlie, Jr. asks Myra, “Montag? The great dental psychiatrist?” (1:21)

Dental psychiatrist Montag, by telephone: “Myra, dental health is mental health.”
”... reaches me at every level, from lower id to superego... our relationship was so much more than that of analyst to patient.” (1:23)

Myron hits Myra with his car. Suicide attempt? Myron lies injured on the pavement. He awakens in the hospital shocked at his absence of female characteristics. (1:30)

Would Carl Jung have endorsed this film as illustrative of his concepts of anima and animus?

Compare to Female Perversions.

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