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The Names of Love

Jacques Gamblin, Sara Forestier, Zinedine Soualem, Carole Franck, Jacques Boudet, Michele Moretti
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Biologist Arthur tells us, referring to his father Lucien, "before going on vacation he checked everything 15 times." (0:13)

Child psychiatrist Dr. Odile Lilti tells us via television, "A lot of sexually abused children reproduce what they went through as adults. Many prostitutes suffered abuse in their childhood."
Activist Baya: "So for my future I have two choices: pedophile or whore." (0:19)

Patrons, including Arthur's vision of his Greek grandfather, smoke hookahs in a hookah bar. (0:52)

In a telephone conversation Arthur's father tells him about his mother's death: "They found her in her room this morning. It was the sleeping pills." Suicide? (1:25)

Baya explains to a TV talk show host how she influences right-wing men to change their politics: "Then, you say lots of things to his subconscious mind, like with hypnosis." (1:33)