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Napoleon (2023)

CastJoaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby
Year released2023
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Robespierre shoots himself in the face. (0:17)

Young Eugene Beauharnais, son of Joséphine, tells Napoleon Bonapart, referring to his father’s saber, "It was taken from him before he was arrested and executed." (0:23)

Junot tells Napoleon, “Your wife has taken a lover named Hippolyte Charles.” (0:37)


Napoleon tells Empress Joséphine, "You are a selfish little pig..." (0:41)

Joséphine asks Napoleon, "Did you have affairs." (0:43)

Napoleon’s brother Lucien tells the guards, "... these madmen have outlawed themselves..." (0:51)

Napoleon tells Joséphine, "...I will miss your grace and your dignity..." (1:10)

Emperor Francis II tells Napoleon, referring to Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, "He’s beside himself with rage." (1:22)

Napoleon tells Joséphine, "You’ve shown such great courage so far... Do not permit yourself to fall into melancholy..." (1:34)

Napoleon: "I must wipe away my melancholy..." (1:41)

N, referring to Tsar Alexander II, "... I didn’t think he had the courage." (1:49)

Alexander tells Joséphine, "... your eyes, your charm, and your spirit, it is in there..." (1:55)

Joséphine: "Napoleon, I am a flower that opens its petals and smiles to the sunshine, unconscious that the storm is near which will lay me low..." (1:57)

Napoleon, addressing the soldiers: "I’m melancholy for my home..." (2:01)

Hortense tells Napoleon, referring to Joséphine, "On May 29th, last sacrament was given and she died." (2:03)

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, referring to Napoleon: "... He has held the world hostage with his egotism..." (2:05)

Wellesley tells his troops, "Patience is the order of the day today. Patience shall win the day." (2:08)

Napoleon, referring to Joséphine, "Every night I beg to see you in my dreams..." (2:26)

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