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Narco Cultura

Richi Soto, Edgar Quintero, El Komander, Jaime Carillo, Oscar Lopez, Adolfo Valenzuela, Oscar Villanueva, James Nunez, Sandra Rodriguez
cocaine | marijuana | methamphetamine
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Crime scene investigator Richi: "Juarez has always been a dangerous city... then the drug war arrived in our city." (0:05)

Television reporter: "Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, declares war on the country's powerful drug cartels, the main suppliers of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines to the United States... fighting the major drug cartels." (0:16)

Man rolling joint: "It's Mexican weed with an American name."
He lights the joint. "Thanks to the... weed..." (0:17)

Man: "I was waiting here with the weed." (0:29)

Man: "People are very drunk, very hyped up. Often people have already taken drugs." (0:31)

Buzz Lightyear action figure. (0:38)

Actor appearing to snort from a large pile of cocaine. (0:40)

An actor snorts cocaine from the muzzle of a pistol. (0:41)

Border Patrol officer James: "We also had a decreased number in narcotics seized."(1:00)

Lighting and sharing joint: "The most natural herb ever, marijuana from Sinaloa." (1:01)

Edgar, referring to a dead friend: "He stays stuck on that meth. Say that meth is something else... Fall back to anything, meth, coke, any drugs. I say only weed... Drugs will help you relax."
Child: "No to drugs. No to drugs."
Edgar: "That says drugs, no drugs." (1:01)

Edgar's wife, referring to Edgar: "He's crazy." (1:04)

Journalist Sandra: "For me it's like a symptom now of how defeated we are as a society." (1:06)

Victim's mother expressing grief and outgrage. (1:10)

Protesters carry pictures of lost loved ones. (1:12)

Packages of white drug.
Crystal meth?
Edgar sings about meth.(1:20)

Edgar snorts white powder from a credit card. (1:21)

A man tells Edgar, "If you have money you do whatever you want... smoke marijuana..." (1:23)

Pallbearers carry the casket of investigator Isaac.
Memorial service.
Burial (1:28)

Cemetery (1:31)