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Narco Hitman

David S. Hogan, Angela DiMarco, D'Angelo Midili, Darlene Sellers, Richard Carmen, Rosalie Miller
Drug Enforcement Administration | heroin
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Sheriff Alice Dreyer reads a letter from hitman Carson Empman: "I am being hunted by the Chutro drug cartel... then I will end my life on my terms." (0:13)

“Doctor” Lance Litoros tells Carson, referring to Anton, "He seems to have a particular aversion to being burned alive." (0:16)

By Radio, Alice tells dispatcher Paul, "If I could do their level of narco work here, I would..."
Paul: ”Is taking off to fight drug cartels really more important?”(0:22)

Carson reads a newspaper article headline on computer screen: "Remains of Missing DEA Deputy’s Possibly Located" (0:25)

By radio, Paul tells Alice, referring to her son John, "But he sold drugs for Chutro..." (0:29)

By telephone, John tells Alice, "Better than shooting heroin, Mom." (0:34)

Lance tells Clarissa, ".. then you would panic and fight to move even an inch." (0:46)

Carson tells Clarissa, "I was drunk." He describes the accidental death of his wife Abby. (0:50)

Lance tells Carson, "They want to get the dosage right." (0:58)

Boss Sergio tells Carson, "And don't worry my friend..." (1:02)

By telephone, Alice answers FBI agent Bob Sistek, "The Chutro drug cartel." (1:08)

Mayor Morgan Amante tells his aid, "I'm just really nervous." (1:15)

Lance tells Amante, "You've been injected with a paralytic serum with a lethal dose of acid." (1:20)

Clarissa injects Lance. (1:23)