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Natural Born Killers

Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr., Tommy Lee Jones, O-Lan Jones, Richard Lineback, Rodney Dangerfield, Edie McClurg, Tom Sizemore
Ted Bundy | Elton John | Elvis Presley | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | psilocin | psilocybin | psylocybe
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Ed Wilson tells his wife, "You’re a... idiot."
Ed’s wife: ”You were drunk, and you thought you were in Mallory’s room.” (0:11)

Ed’s daughter Mallory tells meat delivery man Mickey Knox, "I’m going crazy too."
Referring to Ed: ”... if he finds out I’m gone, he’s gonna beat me...” (0:14)

Title: "American Maniacs" (0:24)

Man on the street: "Elvis." (0:27)

Mickey: "Give me some ‘shrooms, Mal." (0:37)

Mallory asks the Navajo man, referring to his soldier son, "He died?"
His grandson asks the man, referring to Mallory, ”Is she crazy.” (0:41)

Mickey tells Mallory, "This whole... thing is crazy." (0:46)

Mallory tells Mickey, "I’m seeing things." (0:47)

Warden Dwight McClusky tells police detective Jack Scagnetti, "Your story’d make a lot better movie than that Serpico shit."
”Three inmates, five guards and one shrink...”
Scagnetti: ”Psychiatrist?”
Kavanaugh, referring to Mallory: ”She done it shot up on tranquilizers.”
”How did you get to be a specialist in psychos anyway?”
Scagnetti describes the shooting death of his mother. “Ever since then I’ve had a strong opinion about the psychopathic fringe that thrives today in America’s fast-food culture.”
McClusky: ”We got an army of shrinks in here talks about mania and schizophrenia and multi-phrenia and obsessions, and it makes me sick..”
Male voice over PA system: ”Tonight’s movie will be Escape from the Planet of the Apes.” (0:58)

McClusky tells Scagnetti, referring to the inmates, "Smell of blood drives them nuts."
Scagnetti: ”Lobotomy bay.”
Scenes from Frankenstein
Kavanaugh: ”Vegetable land, home of the criminally insane... with the shrinks here...” (1:02)

Mickey asks reporter Wayne Gale, "What about that crazy mother... Ted Bundy?"
Gale: ”Oh, that crazy guy.”
”You and Mallory may be killers, but nuts, insane?... Now I have interviews with the prison board and with a psychiatrist... one day before he’s being shipped away to a mental hospital for the rest of his life... This is Elton John confessing his bisexuality to Rolling Stone.” (1:05)

Gale tells McClusky, "I’d worry more about the promos that start hittin’ the air next week."
”I’m doing a benefit tonight for homeless transsexual veterans.” (1:08)

Gale asks a psychologist, "Dr. Reingold, are they insane?"
Reingold: ”Insane? No. Psychotic? Yes.”
”Mickey and Mallory have shocked a country numb with violence.”
Gale: ”Is it true that they were sexually abused as children, Dr. Reingold?” (1:10)

Gale tells his team, "Listen, less of the shrink." (1:11)

By telephone, Gale tells his lover Ming, "You’re paranoid." (1:12)

Television announcer: "... stay tuned for a special American Maniacs... Is this man insane?..." (1:15)

Mickey’s father kills himself with a shotgun. (1:16)

Mickey tells Gale, "... madness going on... all this... just an illusion..."
Gale: ”You’re crazy, man.”
Mickey: ”Wayne, I don’t think I’m any crazier than you are.” (1:20)

Scagnetti tells Mallory, "... when they get through with all that electroshock shit, Mickey ain’t gonna be worth a shit." (1:23)

"Gale tells Mickey: ”Every... moron in the world just saw that, mate.” (1:25)

Mallory tells Scagnetti, "My mind drives me crazy." (1:31)

A prison guard tells McClusky, "The psych unit looks like a zoo." (1:37)

By telephone, Gale tells Ming, "... get some ecstasy." (1:45)

Gale: "... I am the star of American Maniacs..."
”I’m the star of American Maniacs.”
: ”... I am the star of American Maniacs.” (1:46)

Gale: "... you saw it right here on American Maniacs."
Mickey tells Gale, ”This is not about you, you egomaniac.” (1:50)