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Ne Quittez Pas

Sergio Castellito, Michel Serrault, Isabelle Gélinas, Rachida Brakni, Dominique Pinon, László Szabó, Lisette Malidor, Emily Morgan
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Astrophysicist Félix hallucinates the prelude to an air disaster. (0:02)

Félix tells the flight attendant, “No, just a panic attack.”

”I get hallucinations.”
Passenger: ”What kind of hallucinations?”
Félix: ”Since my dad passed on I’ve been a little on edge.” (0:03)

Félix tells his childhood sweetheart Wendy, referring to his father, “I miss him a lot.” (0:07)

His wife Lucie tells Félix, “You’re regressing, drowning in the past.”
Félix cannot discard piles of papers and other items in his office. (0:10)

Félix finds his father Lucien dead. (0:15)

Félix takes a collect phone call from his deceased father. (0:18, 0:20, many others)

Félix faints into his bowl of spaghetti. (0:19)

A homeless man asks Félix, referring to his father’s coat, “It had dope in the lining?”
”You’d freak out if you knew.” (0:22)

By phone Lucien asks Félix, “Have you gone nuts?”
”You want a padded cell?” (0:26)

Lucey tells babysitter Clotilde, referring to Félix, “He has a screw loose at the moment.” (0:28)

Lucey tells Félix, “If you traumatize our son with weird jokes, watch out. Does he need your neuroses?”
Félix: “My neuroses.” (0:30)

Banker Raveu: “Don’t panic Félix.”
Félix: “Raveu, are you a banker or a shrink?” (0:32)

Lucie asks Raveu, “You’re a banker and a shrink?”
Raveu: “Clearly, Félix’s experiments feed his neuroses.” (0:38)

Félix lies quiet on the couch of psychoanalyst Basil. He asks Basil, “Isn’t that crazy?” (0:39)

Lucien asks Félix, “Are you impotent or gay?”
Félix: “What about you, a voyeur?” (0:55)

Félix’s cell mate yells at his son out the window, “Yeah, don’t go crazy with that scooter.” (1:07)

Tailor’s daughter Yaëlle tells Félix, “I’m going crazy.”
”My father died last year.”
Félix: ”You’re not crazy. You’re not crazy at all.” (1:25)

Félix visits his father’s grave at the cemetery. (1:36)