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Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Leelee Sobieski, Jeremy Jordan, Molly Shannon, Garry Marshall, John C. Reilly, Marley Shelton, Jessica Alba, Jordan Ladd
tetrahydrocannabinol | marijuana
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Copy editor Josie Geller’s assistant Merkin tells a coworker, "20 minute handstand: Freaked the yogi right out." (0:08)

Josie’s boss Augusts “Gus” Strauss tells Josie, "Don’t worry." (0:09)

Student Guy Perkins asks Josie, "Are you in special ed?" (0:20)

By telephone, Josie tells her brother Rob, "Don’t worry, Rob." (0:21)

Josie tells her new student friend Aldys, referring to her dad (actually to Gus), "He worries."
By telephone, Gus tells Josie, ”Take a look at what sells: Sex scandals... people jumping off buildings. So unless some kid killed himself because he was being paid to have sex with the school mascot...” (0:23)

Aldys tells Josie, "... I don’t want to sound like The Godfather..." (0:24)

Aldys tells Josie, "All they do is stand around and get drunk." (0:31)

Gus tells Josie, referring to students, "You’ll rave with them." (0:32)

Rob asks Josie, "Don’t you want to show ‘em that the cool kids don’t freak you out anymore...?" (0:34)

Aldys tells Josie, "Don’t worry." (0:39)

A man tells Josie, "It’s a special cake, a ganja cake... It has vitamin... T, H, and C." (0:42)

Josie’s coworker George: "Is everybody going nuts?" (0:45)

Josie asks Rob, "Are you crazy?" (0:48)

Aldys tells Josie, "I was really worried... I was really worried." (0:50)

Her teacher Sam Coulson tells Josie, "... I’m a little afraid of heights."
”... when you get older, it just gets more confusing...” (0:52)

Rob tells Josie, "I’ll see you around the cell block, Mrs. Robinson." (1:05)

Sam tells Josie, referring to Veronica, "She was too moody..." (1:08)

Josie tells Gus, "You’re crazy." (1:09)

Rob answers Josie, "Tom Cruise, Risky Business." (1:11)

Her classmate Guy Perkins tells Josie, "... you’re crazy." (1:19)

Rob: "Wow, that was just like Carrie." (1:26)

George tells Josie, "Gus is going nuts." (1:26)

Rog tells Josie, "I was worried about you." (1:28)

Reference in Words on Bathroom Walls