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A New Leaf

Walter Matthau, Elaine May, Jack Weston, George Rose, James Coco, Doris Roberts, Renée Taylor,William Redfield, Graham Jarvis, Conrad Bain
James Parkinson | strychnine
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Henry tells his riding companion: “That’s perfectly insane...” (0:04)

Henry, referring to the bankers: “Those idiots.” (0:05)

Henry asks his butler Harold, “Suicide?”
Harold: ”No sir, I was not going to suggest suicide.”
”... but the alternatives are... unspeakably depressing. If you do not commit suicide, sir, you will be poor.” (0:16)

Henry tells his friend Bo, “You must be going mad.”
”Well, did he die with his wealth intact, or did he lose everything and suicide...?” (0:27)

Henry tells botanist Henrietta, “Like Parkinson’s disease being named after James Parkinson.” (0:34)

Henry tells Henrietta’s attorney Andy, “I was going to use the $50,000 to tidy up my affairs, and then immediately afterwards, kill myself.”
Andy asks Henrietta, “Are you crazy? Have you gone totally out of your mind?” (0:53)

Harold tells Henry, “Sir, you are hysterical.” (0:58)

Andy tells Henrietta, “I’ll kill myself.” (1:00)

Henry reads “Beginners Guide to Toxicology.” (1:01)

Henry tells Harold, “This is insane...” (1:11)

Henry tells the gardener, “Arsenic, strychnine...” (1:12)

Henry tells Mrs. Traggert, “I’m not including... the token salary of eight hundred dollars a week... you receive as mad money.”
”Mad money. Is it mad?” (1:13)

Henry tells Henrietta, “Instinct.” (1:22)

Henry tells Harold, referring to Henrietta, “She is regressed.” (1:24)

Henrietta tells Henry, “Or James Parkinson.” (1:27)