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Nick Drake: Under Review

CastNick Drake
Year released2007
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Narrator: "Despite... the presumed suicide at age 26..." (0:01)

Biographer Trevor: "It was hippie heaven... free dope..." (0:08)

Nick's friend Jeremy: "Nick... started smoking marijuana..."
Narrator: "Drug experimentation was common."
Title: "Psychedelic Happening" (0:09)

Trevor: "... he just sort of buried himself in a haze of dope smoke." (0:11)

Narrator, referring to Nick's song Fruit Tree: "It's almost like a suicide note." (0:28)

Singer songwriter Kathryn, "There's a big difference between melancholia and... a... depressive mood." (0:29)

Trevor: "People read William Burroughs." (0:31)

Writer Kaitlin, "It feels like... hypnopompic... Drake's stuff was very hypnopompic." (0:51)

Biographer Patrick, referring to Nick's friend Linda: "She just said none of us know what mental illness was, or breakdowns, or depression. We were all... smoking dope." (1:01)

Narrator: "In the following years Nick slipped further into depression... before his presumed suicide on 25 November, 1974." (1:18)

Journalist Pete: "People have... speculated, suicide? Did he kill himself?" (1:22)

Narrator: "... found dead by his mother having taken an overdose of the antidepressant drug Triptizol. (1:24)

Cemetery: Nick's grave. (1:28)

See also: A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake

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