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Night Owls (2015)

Adam Pally, Rosa Salazar, Rob Huebel, Peter Krause, Tony Hale
alprazolam | Xanax | marijuana
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Team video assistant Kevin tells Madeline, "That's crazy." (0:01)

Kevin asks bartender Madeline, "Are you crazy.”
Madeline: "I'm so drunk." (0:04)

Kevin: "Crazy" (0:06)

Kevin finds Madeline unresponsive. (0:09)

His coworker Peter tells Kevin by telephone, referring to their coach boss Will and Madeline, "... she became obsessed with him." (0:10)

By telephone Dr. Newman asks Kevin, "Is it sleeping pills, painkillers?"
Kevin: "It's Xanax."
Newman: "Okay, what's the dosage?" (0:12)

Newman tells Kevin, "She's gonna be a little confused at first." He tells Kevin how to assess her mental status. (0:15)

Kevin asks Madeline, "You can't remember your name? You have amnesia?"
"I know you're confused right now..."
"That's what happens when you swallow all that Xanax." (0:17)

Madeline tells Kevin, "My lungs, you idiot!"
"You hurt my rib, you idiot!" (0:22)

Kevin tells Madeline that Peter told him, "... and that you got all crazy and obsessive."
Madeline: "... some crazy slut..."
"Turn around, you perv."
"Yeah, and then I tried to kill myself."
Kevin: "That's not why you tried to kill yourself."
"You took enough drugs to take down an elephant."
Madeline: "Stupid idiot." (0:25)

Madeline: "Kevin, please don't get obsessed."
Kevin: "Does it look crazy?" (0:27)

Kevin asks Madeline, "Are you crazy? Are you insane?"
"I just don't think you should be drinking whiskey after downing all those pills."
"That's crazy."
Madeline: "Peter wanted you to... keep me here so I don't do anything crazy."
"He manipulated a little baby boy like you to take care of the crazy Madeline."
"I was walking into the ocean with a pocket full of rocks..."
Kevin: "Such a... idiot." (0:31)

Madeline tells Kevin, "Let's smoke weed."
"You want to smoke weed?"
"She's got weed."
Referring to a violin, "I'm gonna roll it up, and I'm gonna smoke it like a doobie."
Kevin: "You know, for someone who took a whole shit ton of Xanax you're bouncing off the wall."
"You're out of your... mind."
Madeline: "So what, you got obsessed...?"
Kevin: "I know it sounds crazy... If we lose, I get depressed for, like, a week."
Referring to Will, "He just made you want to kill yourself." (0:38)

Madeline asks Kevin, "Are you crazy?"
"... what are you, my guidance counselor?"
Kevin: "That suicide note really flowed."
Referring to his friends: "By the time I get off campus they're... wasted drunk..." (0:50)

Kevin tells Madeline, "Sounds crazy." (0:57)

Madeline tells Kevin, referring to Will, "This is a narcissistic shrine that he made and gave to himself." (1:01)

Madeline tells Kevin, referring to an ex-boyfriend, "He wasn't man enough to break up with me himself, so he passive aggressively tried to get me to break up with him."
"Steve was the ankle fetish."
Kevin: "Steve was the ankle fetish."
Madeline: "Yeah, crazy." (1:03)

Madeline tells Kevin, "I could jump off this roof right now."
Kevin: "Senior year I drove my dad's car into a tree." (1:09)