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Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, Hugh Quarshie, Doug Bradley, Oliver Parker
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(Director’s Cut)

Welder Aaron tells his singer girlfriend Lori, “That does sound crazy now, doesn’t it?” (0:05)

Psychotherapist Dr. Philip Decker calls Aaron and demands that he come to see him. (0:05)

Aaron in session with Decker.
Aaron: “Are we back in therapy doctor?”
Decker, referring to the police, “They wanted to know if any of my patients was capable of doing what’s in those photographs.”
”Because when you talked about murder on the tapes I assumed it was just hallucination.”
Decker hands Aaron a prescription bottle. He starts taking the pills. (0:09)

At home Aaron appears to hallucinate. (0:12)

When an emergency room doctor ask Aaron what he has been taking, Aaron answers, “Lithium.”
Doctor: “This is not lithium my friend.”
”It looks like it could be some kind of lab quality hallucinogen. You’re on what we used to call a bad trip, buddy.” (0:17)

Aaron enters a graveyard. (0:22)

Lori sobs after learning of Aaron’s death. (0:31)

Lori sees a vision of Aaron. (0:33)

Lori travels to the graveyard at Midian. (0:42)

Aaron tells leader Lylesberg, “I’ll make amends.” (0:53)

An old man tells Decker, “You’re crazy.” (1:00)

Police Capt. Eigerman tells Decker, “It’s nut house talk.” (1:05)

Narcisse, a new resident of Midian whom Aaron first encountered in the emergency room, tells Lori she is headed to “Shangri-La on dope.”
”The Berserkers are down there. Mad bastards...” (1:06)

Eigerman tells Aaron, “You are a freak and a cannibal... cannibal.” (1:14)

Eigerman, referring to Aaron: “They found traces of human flesh in his system.”
Reporter: ”Cannibalism.” (1:17)

Police enter the graveyard. (1:17)

Decker tells Eigerman, referring to Rev. Ashberry, “He looks like a drunk.”
Eigerman: ”He is a drunk.” (1:20)

Aaron asks Lylesberg, “What about the berserkers?”
Lylesberg: ”Madness.” (1:36)

Lori stabs herself in order to join Boone in death. (1:49)