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Nightmare Alley

Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray, Helen Walker, Taylor Holmes
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Carnival fortune teller Zeena tells the barker, referring to her alcoholic husband Pete, "I've got him sobered up." (0:03)

Zeena tells carnival barker Stan, "You're crazy." (0:12)

Zeena tells Stan, "It's too crazy."
Stan: ”Oh, what are you worrying about?” (0:17)

Stan tells Pete, referring to the geek, "He's got the heebie-jeebies again."
”Guy’s been ready for the straight jacket for a week.”
”Ah, you're crazy.”
Pete asks Stan, ”See how easy it is to hook ‘em?... I'm just an old drunk, just an old lush.”
Stan: ”Zeena will be worried.”
Pete: ”Oh, Zeena's always worried about little Pete.” (0:22)

Zeena: "This is the wood alcohol I use for burning my envelopes."
Grief overcomes Zeena when she realizes Pete has died. (0:29)

Molly tells strongman Bruno, "Zeena and I have been helping Stan memorize the code." (0:33)

The carnival manager asks Stan, "You daffy?" (0:35)

Stan tells the marshall, ”My Scotch blood... tells me that there is one thing in your life that's worrying you...” (0:37)

Stan tells Molly, "You’re worrying about Zeena." (0:41)

Molly: "You're drunk." (0:45)

Sign: "Lilith Ritter Consulting Psychologist" (0:52)

Ritter tells Stan, referring to Ezra Grindle, "He's a patient of mine... psychologists admit the validity of mental telepathy..."
”You ever been psychoanalyzed?”
”Don't worry, Carlisle.”
”There's a patient I'll have to see.” (0:54)

Ritter tells patient Mrs. Peabody, referring to dreams, "They're one of the clues we have to the subconscious mind. It's a psychologist's way of looking at the patient's tongue." (0:57)

Stan asks Ritter, referring to a phonograph record, "You make one of these things every time you give a treatment?"
Ritter: ”Are you insane?”
Stan: ”Are you crazy?”
”... anything my patients revealed to me is as sacred as though it were given under the seal of the confessional...”(0:58)

Stan tells Zeena, "You're crazy."
Molly asks Stan, ”What got into you, acting so crazy?” (1:02)

Stan reads the listing in the phone book: "Lilith Ritter Consulting Psychologist" (1:05)

Stan in session with Ritter.
Stan: ”You think I'm crazy?” (1:05)

Stan appears to faint during a performance. (1:10)

"Stanton Carlisle, known as The Great Stanton, nightclub mentalist, fell into a deep trance during his act in a nightclub." (1:10)

Mrs. Peabody tells the others, "I say again, I am neither a child nor an imbecile..."
Mrs. Peabody's friend Ezra Grindle tells the others, referring to Stan, ”As far as Addie's concerned he seems to be a bit of a hypnotist.” (1:11)

Molly tells Stan, "Oh, I'm not worrying about them."
Stan: ”Are you crazy?”
Molly: ”No, I'm not crazy.” (1:20)

Stan tells Ezra, "Don't worry about the words."
Ezra believes he sees his lost lover Dory. (1:26)

Ritter tells her live-in maid Jane, referring to Stan, "This gentleman's a patient of mine."
Ritter tells Stan, ”I had hoped that by getting at the roots of your anxieties I could avert a serious upset.”
”Please, Mr. Carlyle, try to understand that these delusions of yours in regard to me are a part of your mental condition. When I first examined you you were being tortured by guilt reactions connected with the death of that drunken mentalist during your carnival days.”
”I'm a psychologist, not a judge... the fancied guilt of your past life projected on the present... The police records show that a carnival employee by the name of Peter Krumbein actually died of wood alcohol poisoning in Burley, Texas... You told me you gave him that bottle of wood alcohol yourself, but I suppose that was just another one of your homicidal hallucinations, wasn't it?”
”Since I've been your counselor you've made a strange transference to me... These hallucinations of yours...”
Stan: ”Listen, you can't bluff me with that doctor-patient bologna.”
Ritter denies hearing the police siren that Stan hears. She tells him, “Let me get you a sedative.” (1:33)

Stan asks another hobo, "Hey, see how easy it is to hook ‘em?" (1:43)

A carnival manager tells Stan, "Anyway, I don't hire no boozers."
”Would you like a snort?” (1:45)

A carnival worker asks the others, "Where's the straight jacket?"
Referring to Stan: ”The geek’s gone nuts.” (1:47)