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The Ninth Gate

Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin, Emmanuelle Seigner, Barbara Jefford, Jack Taylor, José López Rodero, Tony Amoni, James Russo, Willy Holt, Allen Garfield
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After leaving a note on his desk, book collector Telfer places a noose around his neck and steps off of a stool. (0:01)

Book collector Balkan tells book dealer Corso, referring to Telfer, “Yes, he finally sold it to me the day before he killed himself.” (0:15)

Telfer’s widow Liana tells Corso, “Andrew was a trifle eccentric, Mr. Corso, but he wasn’t insane... He’d hanged himself.” (0:21)

Corso tells collector Fargas, “Telfer killed himself.” (0:48)

Collector Baroness Kessler tells Corso, “They are under the illusion that they owe their money and success to membership in the order.“
Referring to the Telfers: ”If he ever finds out what his wife gets up to at these gatherings, he’ll probably kill himself.”
Corso: “He hanged himself last week.” (1:08)

Liana tells Balkan, “You’re insane, Boris.”Corso tells the girl, ”I’m ecstatic.” (1:49)

Balkan tells Corso, “You’ve developed the same obsession...” (1:58)