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No Letting Go

CastRichard Burgi, Kathy Najimy, Alysia Reiner, Jared Gilman, Noah Fleiss
Year released2015
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His mother tells young Timothy, "I think you just have a little stage fright..." (0:03)

Timothy tells psychotherapist Dr. Stacey Slater, "Well, sometimes I get kind of worried."
Slater: ”... it’s my job to help you understand those worried feelings...”
”Tim, do you know what the word anxiety means?”
”Well, people feel anxiety when they have lots of worry in their brains...” (0:07)

Tim’s mother Catherine tells the others, referring to teacher Miss Garret, "She makes him really anxious."
Mom: ”It drives me crazy.”
Mom: ”... I think he’s just being manipulative...” (0:08)

Dr. Slater tells Timothy, "When your body is relaxed, it’s hard to feel anxious." (0:11)

Catherine tells Timothy’s father Henry, "Tim doesn’t seem to be doing any better even with all this therapy..."
Henry: ”One anxiety disorder isn’t enough for you?”
”I don’t think all this expensive therapy is paying off...” (0:14)

Dr. Maynard tells Catherine, "Sometimes kids pick up on their parents’ anxiety." (0:16)

Michael’s mother Suzanne tells Catherine, "It’s just so stressful." (0:16)

Slater tells Timothy, "We’ll call this one a distraction game." (0:17)

Henry tells Catherine, "... it might be less expensive than all his therapy..." (0:22)

Principal Collins: "Mrs. Spencer, we aren’t seeing that kind of behavior here."
”Well, sometimes kids act out to get their parents’ attention...” (0:22)

Henry tells Timothy, "Well, don’t worry about that." (0:23)

Her friend Lisa tells Catherine, "Parties are stressful for kids... parties are stressful for me..." (0:27)

Catherine tells Tim’s older brother Kyle, "Let me worry about Tim, okay?" (0:30)

One mom tells another, "I would never put up with that kind of behavior." (0:31)

By telephone, Catherine asks someone, "Emotionally disturbed?... Aren’t there any other options besides special ed?" (0:33)

Slater tells Catherine and Henry, "Well, I rarely recommend medication, but Tim is severely depressed. Therapy alone just isn’t enough."
”Look, anxiety and depression are often co-occurring... Sometimes medications can help.”
”Actually, medications have to be managed through a psychiatrist.” (0:37)

Psychiatrist: "We’ll start him on a very small dose at first... Common side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, insomnia, weight gain..." (0:37)

Lisa leaves a message for Catherine: "... I’m worried about you..." (0:39)

Catherine tells Henry, referring to Tim, "I’m just happy he’s not depressed."
Henry: ”I thought things were getting easier with the meds.”
Catherine: “Yeah, but the side effects are really scary.”
Henry: ”... you could use just a little time out with your dream date.”
Catherine: ”God, how did I not know that kids can have anxiety nor depression for no reason?”
”... didn’t you say that kid that lived down the street from you committed suicide when he was 17?” (0:40)

Kyle tells Timothy, "Don’t be an idiot."
Timothy: ”You’re an idiot. Only idiots like math.” (0:43)

Henry: "Tim, your behavior’s been completely inappropriate."
Timothy: ”Kyle is such an idiot.” (0:45)

Henry tells Catherine, "This must be advice coming from the therapist..."
”I’m going crazy here.”
Catherine: ”The psychiatrist did give me another medication to use.”
Henry: ”Another medication.” (0:46)

Psychiatrist: "I recommend that we take him off the escitalopram and put him on a mood stabilizer."
Catherine: ”A mood stabilizer?”
Psychiatrist: ”... your son has bipolar disorder.” (0:47)

Henry asks Catherine, "Bipolar?... Isn’t that a condition that requires heavy medication? Doesn’t that connote serious highs and lows?"
Catherine, referring to Slater: ”She’s not sure about bipolar, though.”
”... I’ve been trying to get an appointment with another psychiatrist...”
”... apparently there’s more taxidermists in the country than there are child psychiatrists.” (0:47)

Catherine tells Dr. Nancy Harris, "... the hardest part for me is when the rage is over..."
Harris: ”... his moods change rapidly. He has a very high anxiety level...”
Henry: ”... there’s gotta be some medication out there that can fix all this.”
Harris: ”... everyone reacts differently to every different medication...”
”He needs a therapeutic environment. He needs to be surrounded by professionals...”
”I know a wonderful residential treatment center in Maine.”
Catherine: ”He’s already in a therapeutic day program...”
Harris: ”... I would put him into the residential treatment center.” (0:50)

Catherine tells Timothy, referring to his younger brother Jessie, "He didn’t mean to distract you."
”... Jessie did not mean to distract you...”
Timothy, raging: ”... I will kill myself.” (0:56)

Henry tells Kyle,"Your brother has bipolar disorder." (1:04)

Henry tells Jessie, "No, Tim has a chemical imbalance in his brain..."
”Bipolar disorder.” (1:06)

James tells Timothy, "Oh, don’t worry..."
”A lot of kids misinterpret joking around as aggression...”
”Don’t worry...” (1:07)

Catherine tells Lisa, "Tim has bipolar disorder... We did therapy and doctors and meds"
Lisa: ”It takes so much courage to do what you did.”
”My sister is bipolar...”
”Now, are you ready for the tough love?”
”... there’re some great support groups...” (1:12)

His roommate Frank tells Timothy, "I was hearing voices... freaked my parents out."
”... I’m on the right meds now...”
Timothy: ”I hate meds. Side effects suck.”
”Can’t sleep.” (1:15)

Frank reads to the others, "For a long time my focus was trying to figure out how to get the hell out of here... you guys are gonna drive me crazy..." (1:18)

Harris tells Timothy’s family, "I know this is a stressful time for all of you."
Kyle: ”Tim’s bipolar.”
Harris: ”No, actually, Tim’s not bipolar. Tim has bipolar disorder.” (1:20)

By telephone, Henry tells Kyle, "... try not to worry..." (1:33)

James: "You psyched for tonight?" (1:37)

Henry tells Timothy, "No worries." (1:38)

Title: "1 in 5 children lives with a mental health condition... Only 20% of those diagnosed receive treatment. " (1:39)

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