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No Time for Love

CastClaudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Ilka Chase, Richard Haydn, Paul McGrath, June Havoc, Marjorie Gateson
Year released1943
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Photographer Kate asks construction worker Jim, "Is it exactly within the limits of your exalted ego to believe that a woman of education and love for the finer graces could fall for you?" (0:16)

Jim quotes his father to the others, "He said, 'If it's Saturday night and a horse steps on your head, get out of the gutter because you're drunk.'" (0:22)

Kate's sister Hoppy tells Kate, referring to Jim, "So at last he's driven you crazy." (0:26)

Kate tells Jim, referring to Hoppy, "She's hysterical." (0:30)

Kate asks Jim, "Have you gone mad?" (0:46)

Musician Roger tells Kate, "You could be thrown into a panic by a waiter with squeaky shoes." (0:49)

Hoppy asks Kate, "Katherine Grant are you drunk?" (0:59)

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