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No Way Out

Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier, Linda Darnell
secobarbital | Seconal
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Police officer Kowalski tells Dr. Luther Brooks, referring to jailed patient John Biddle, "Then this one, he gets hysterical or something..."
Brooks asks John's brother Ray Biddle, ”Has he ever been confused before in his sense of direction or maybe his sense of touch?” (0:07)

Ray tells Brooks, "I was out of my mind." (0:13)

Brooks tells Chief Medical Resident physician Dr. Dan Wharton, referring to John, "The accumulation of symptoms, his confused sense of direction, running right into the policeman..." (0:14)

Wharton tells hospital head physician Dr. Sam Moreland, "A grain and a half of Seconal."
Moreland: ”You think one is the direct result of another, like an intravenous injection?... Why it took me 3 months... to get you two hydrotherapy units.”
Wharton, referring to Ray Biddle: ”The orderlies tell me he's as vicious a Negro hater as they've ever seen, on the verge of being psychotic about it.” (0:21)

Biddle tells Brooks, "You're out of your mind." (0:26)

John Biddle's ex-wife Edie tells Wharton and Brooks, referring to the Biddles, "My folks and their folks got loaded together every Saturday night."
”A drunk's a drunk...” (0:34)

Wharton tells Brooks, "There's no sense getting into a depression about this."
Brooks: ”I'd rather not worry Cora or the rest about what happened.”
Wharton: ”I want you to stop worrying, too.” (0:37)

His wife Cora tells Brooks, "I've been worried." (0:39)

Brooks tells his orderly friend Lefty, "You're talking like a crazy man."
Lefty: ”Yeah, sometimes I do get a little crazy when these things happen...” (0:56)

Rocky asks Edie, "You gone nuts?" (1:02)

Edie tells Wharton, "It was crazy." (1:07)

Brooks asks a nurse, referring to a patient, "How long has he been unconscious?" (1:10)

Edie tells Wharton’s maid Gladys, "When my old man’d get drunk he'd beat up on us."
Gladys, referring to her brother, ”Drinkin’ makes him crazy.”
Gladys tells Wharton, ”I stopped worrying about that 20 years ago.”
Gladys asks Brooks' wife Cora, referring to Brooks, ”What for’d he do a crazy thing like that?”
Quora: ”He's never been like that, almost crazy.” (1:12)

The coroner tells Brooks, "You made a good diagnosis, doctor."
Wharton asks the police officer, referring to Ray Biddle, ”Why don't you take that maniac out of here?”
Wharton tells Edie, referring to Ray, ”He's a mental case.” (1:19)

Brooks tells his family, referring to apple fritters, "After a certain number it gets to be a vicious habit like drugs."
Cora asks her mother-in-law, ”Isn't it wonderful how suddenly apple fritters can become the biggest worry you've got?”
Mom: ”All worries are the same size...” (1:27)

Edie tells Ray, "You're sick in your mind. You're crazy."
Edie tells Brooks, referring to Ray, ”He's a mad dog. You kill mad dogs, don't you?”
Brooks: ”He's crazy.” (1:42)