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David Wall, Sean Patrick Brennan, Brennan Wall, Kerry Wall, Jean Bates, Curt Dewitz, David Hickey, Ciaran O'Reilly, Kevin McElroy, J. Scott Henderson
epinephrine | Adrenalin
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Father Simeon Joyce tells the others, "Be not drunk with wine for that would be a dissipation." (0:05)

Thomas Shepley: "Simeon’s driven me home before when I was so high I was flyin’." (0:06)

Father Jonathan Keene tells Joyce, "Let’s not forget drunkards." (0:16)

Keene tells librarian Marjorie Worthington, "I carry a shot of Adrenalin, just in case."
Marjorie: ”Adrenalin?”
Keene: ”I tend to get in a good mood when I go on a trip...”
Marjorie: ”This trip is putting me in a bad mood...” (0:24)

Marjorie tells Keene, "... either you’re angry, and all that Adrenalin’s helping you out, or all that running’s starting to pay off."
Keen: ”I spent the evening watching a depressing rehearsal of a Christmas pageant...” (0:35)

Joyce tells Eleanor, "I wouldn’t worry too much." (0:39)

Simeon, referring to Marjorie’s boyfriend Seth Harrod: "He’s drunk." (0:46)

Joyce tells Keene, "People can be idiots when they drink."
”You do a lot of counseling?” (0:47)

Parishioner Bill tells Keene, "Why, it completely obliterates any illusion of celestial splendor." (0:50)

Marjorie tells Keene, "I’m pretty nervous." (0:55)

Marjorie tells Keene, referring to her unborn child, "He went crazy when we started dancing."
Pub owner Dermott tells Keene Dermott’s daughter Amanda is a ”Sleepwalker.” (1:16)

Keene tells Marjorie, "... I started having dreams, seeing things..."
He sees a little girl in the distance. (1:19)

Marjorie tells Keene, "I’m an idiot." (1:25)

The little girl tells Keene, "Here I leave you. All is forgiven." (1:34)