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Noriko's Dinner Table

Kazue Fukiishi, Tsugumi, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Shiro Namiki, Ken Mitsuishi
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Her sister Yuka calls student Noriko "Idiot."
Noriko: ”Yuka called me an idiot.” (0:07)

Noriko asks Yuka, "Am I crazy?" (0:12)

Noriko: "I was so cold and confused." (0:16)

Noriko: "I was worried about everything, but I cherish this anxiety." (0:17)

Man: "54 high school girls threw themselves in front of a train."
”No suicide notes were found.” (0:26)

Yuka asks a friend, "Never considered suicide? Maybe my sister killed herself. You know the recent mass suicide in Tokyo?" (0:28)

Yuka reads to her friend, "The night before the mass suicide 54 new red dots appeared."
Friend: ”For suicide?” (0:30)

Noriko: "That day, I was suffering from PMS, and rubbing my stomach." (0:31)

Newspaper headline: "No End To Rash Of Suicides." (0:37)

Newspaper headline: "Suicide Club Exists."
Yuka, referring to her father: ”He knew the Suicide Club existed... The Suicide Club was confronting him.” (0:43)

Yuka says her father wrote, "The Suicide Club exists... The dots on represent suicides." (0:44)

Kumiko asks Noriko, "PMS?" (0:47)

Noriko: "This time I wasn't so nervous for some reason." (0:50)

The family grieves after Kumiko’s grandfather appears to die. (0:53)

Noriko, referring to a man they refer to as Dad that Kumiko brought her to: "He looked depressed." (1:02)

Noriko’s father Tetsuzo reads a newspaper article about "Mass suicide."
He asks a man he meets in a restaurant, ”Is this Suicide Club’s headquarters?”
Man: ”Suicide Club?”
Tetsuzo: ”Series of Cults and mass Hysteria... All linked to a Suicide Club. Suicide Club this, Suicide Club that.”
Man: ”There is no Suicide Club.”
Man: ”At best, one might call it a ’Suicide Circle’ instead.”
Tetsuzo: ”What about the suicide Club?” (1:10)

Tetsuzo: "... my wife killed herself." (1:22)

Grief overcomes Tetsuzo when he finds the lifeless body of his wife Taeko. (1:26)

Tetsuzo asks his friend Ikeda, "You know the Suicide Club?"
Ikeda: ”Suppose the Suicide Club exists, what am I supposed to do with it?” (1:30)

Kumiko tells Noriko and Yuka, referring to a client, "Don't let him confuse you." (1:44)

Tetsuzo: "The repressed emotions welled up." (1:47)

Young woman: "I took psychology." (1:53)

Kumiko: "A rabbit, suicide, a killer, evil, what are overflowing from a glass... Someone killed themselves." (1:56)

The 54 girls jump in front of a train. (2:01)

Kumiko: "I was confused." (2:08)

Flashback of man talking to Tetsuzo: "There is no Suicide Club."
”The world is the Suicide Club, with far more suicides than our circle... Only a small fraction of our members actually commit suicide.”
Tetsuzo: ”Not all members commit suicide?”
Man: ”Only the members whose rolls require them to commit suicide, do. If you saw a lion eat a zebra, would you call it a ‘Cannibal Club’?” (2:23)

Double Suicide