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Norma Rae

Sally Field, Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman, Pat Hingle, Barbara Baxley, Gail Strickland, Morgan Paull, Robert Broyles, John Calvin, Booth Colman, Lee de Broux, James Luisi, Vernon Weddle, Gilbert Green, Bob Minor
Johnny Cash | Elvis Presley | diazepam | Valium
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Cotton mill worker Norma Rae tells hotel clerk Aston, “Can’t hear the drunks from in there.” (0:11)

Labor organizer Reuben tells Norma Rae, “I thought everybody down South was Ashley Wilkes.”
”Want... Valium?”
”I’m a mild hypochondriac.” (0:13)

Norma Rae tells mill worker Sonny, “You sure went crazy in me.”
Sonny: ”I guess I went off my head.” (0:28)

Sonny tells Norma Rae, “I like Elvis myself.”
Reuben tells them, “Drunk or sober I want it.”
Johnny Cash on the jukebox.
Norma Rae, referring to her deceased husband, “He was drunk...” (0:30)

Norma Rae tells Sonny, “You’re drunk.” (0:34)

Reuben tells the gathered workers, “On October 8th, 1970 my grandfather... died in his sleep in New York City.” (0:44)

Reuben tells Norma Rae, referring to Dylan Thomas, “He was a poet, a genius and a drunk.” (1:14)

Funeral for Norma Rae’s father Vernon. (1:17)

Reuben asks Norma Rae, “How good is your memory?” (1:26)

Reference in Silver Skies