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CastDan Byrd, Emily VanCamp, Richard Jenkins, Adam Goldberg, Billy Lush, Camille Mana, Jesse Head, John Aylward, Sewell Whitney
Year released2010
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Teacher Mr. Angelo asks the class, "Can anybody help Helen out before I fail her and kill myself?" (0:01)

Newspaper clipping on the wall in student Norman's room: "Fatal car wreck claims local woman." (0:07)

Norman tells his student friend: "I'd rather slit my wrists than go in their James." (0:09)

Norman in drama club: "So after the whole glass bit, after everybody got into that frame of mind of seeing me cheat death, I would sit on the edge of the stage, put a paper bag over my head, pull out a gun, and blow my brains out... A few nights ago I attempted to kill myself."
At home Norman removes a knife from a drawer and cuts his chest. We see a note: "Dear Dad..."
"And these are obviously crucial decisions when one is contemplating suicide..." (0:14)

Norman tells his physician father Doug, "All they're worried about is... where they're gonna get drunk this weekend." (0:26)

His friend James tells Norman, "The Unabomber can get in touch faster than you can."
"Even if I wanted to, you freaked everyone out yesterday with that psycho audition of yours."
"I'm tired of your suicidal, nobody loves me... We're all supposed to sit around wondering if you're gonna put a paper bag over your head and blow your brains out?" (0:27)

Norman stares at a medicine cabinet full of prescription bottles. He handles his knife. (0:35)

Mr. Angelo tells Norman, "People, when they lose somebody, they're left with all these unresolvable feelings." (0:45)

Norman tells his student friend Emily, "You know, I used to set my alarm every day for 3:36, and then when it would go off I would intentionally do something to harm myself or get hurt, or you know, just anything self-destructive basically."
"It's the most positive self-destruction ever." (1:01)

Looking in his mirror, Norman punches his face with his fist. (1:11)

Norman, referring to his drawer: "... so there's lots of weird crazy stuff in here." He reads from a slip of paper: "Commit suicide... Commit suicide." (1:20)

Doug dies in Norman's arms. (1:25)

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