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Nothing Sacred

Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connolly, Sig Ruman, Margaret Hamilton, Olin Howlin
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Editor Oliver Stone tells reporter Wally Cook, "I'm thinking that maybe you ain't the most tittering imbecile on Earth."
Wally: ”I'll dig up a story that'll make this town swoon.” (0:08)

Dr. Enoch Downer tells Hazel Flagg, "That first diagnosis I made was a mistake." (0:17)

Wally asks Hazel, "You getting nervous?"
Wally: ”Don't you worry about that.”
Hazel: ”That's when I begin worrying...”(0:21)

Wally tells Hazel, referring to the wrestlers, "They're a symbol of the whole town." (0:24)

Hazel tells Wally, "Yes, but you know, I get kind of depressed." (0:28)

Dr. Downer tells Hazel, "I'm disgusted with you, Hazel, getting drunk in the middle of a memorial."
Hazel: ”I'm not drunk.” (0:35)

Hazel tells Miss Rafferty: "I'll go mad."
Hazel asks Downer, ”Is this the way drunks feel?”
Downer: ”Hazel, you've got what is known in medicine as a hangover.”
Referring to Wally: ”If I'm not complaining, why should he worry?”
Wally tells Hazel, ”I was -- uh, we were worried.”
”Have I shocked you?”
”Oh, that's not half enough to mourn for you.” (0:37)

Hazel tells Downer, referring to Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer, "I've got to commit suicide in advance before that scientist gets to me." (0:43)

By telephone, shoe shine man Ernest Walker tells his wife, referring to flowers, "Don't worry, honey, they all the same price." (0:45)

By telephone, Stone asks Ernest, "Who committed suicide?" (0:45)

Stone tells Wally, "Hazel flag has committed suicide."
”Ernest, your sultan, found her suicide note.” (0:46)

Wally tells Hazel, "You crazy fool, what the devil's the matter with you?"
Hazel: ”I'm all nervous.”(0:48)

Eggelhoffer tells Stone, referring to Hazel: "There is no vestige, no trace, no single symptom..."
”You have nothing more to worry about, Mr. Stone.” (0:54)

Wally tells Stone, "Now listen, I know it sounds hysterical, marrying somebody with a few weeks... to live."
Oliver tells newspaper delivery man Max, referring to Wally, ”You stay here and watch that maniac.”
Wally tells Oliver, ”You inflamed the daffy public...”
Max tells Wylie, referring to his brother Moe, ”He said it's something like the DTs...” (0:56)

Stone asks Wally, "Aren't you just a trifle confused, Mr. Cook?"
Wally, referring to Downer: ”He's been on a toot.” (1:07)

Radio telegram: "Hazel's funeral held today." (1:11)

Wally: "Ecstatic, Mrs. Cook."
”Don't worry, baby.” (1:12)