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Eduardo Noriega, Anna Mouglalis, Nathalie Richard, Éric Caravaca, Paz Vega, Leny Bueno, Julie Gayet, Agathe Dronne, Bernard Bloch, Vincent Dissez, Catherine Bidaut, Pascal Tokatlian, Dominic Gould, Stéphanie Picard
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Dr. Sagem tests Graham’s (Pablo's) memory. (0:25)

When Graham sees his paleontologist lover Irène, he fails to recognize her. (0:29)

Graham answers Irène: “Not by my memory.” (0:33)

His wife Isabelle tells Pablo’s boss Sabine, referring to Pablo, “He won’t recognize me.” (0:42)

Pablo tells his friend Fred, “My memory, It’s coming back.” (0:55)

Isabelle tells Irène, “When Pablo regains his memory...” (0:59)

Pablo tells Isabelle, “Since last night I have this rage deep inside... That’s why this rage...” (1:04)

Pablo tells Fred, “You’re crazy.”
Fred throws Pablo down, and Pablo’s head strikes pipe, knocking him out. (1:12)

Pablo experiences signs that he has regained some of his ability to remember. (1:21)

Pablo tells Dr. Sager, “I have my memory back.” (1:27)

Pablo jumps through a window to escape from what appears to be a psychiatric hospital. (1:29)