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Barbra Streisand, Richard Dreyfuss, Maureen Stapleton, Karl Malden, Eli Wallach, Robert Webber, James Whitmore, Leslie Nielsen, William Prince, Dakin Matthews, Paul Benjamin, Castulo Guerra
Sigmund Freud | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | marijuana
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Prosecutor MacMillan tells Judge Box, referring to call girl Claudia, “The people request that she should be given a psychiatric evaluation to determine her capacity to stand trial.”
”The psychiatrists’ reports find the defendant not competent to stand trial.”
”They recommend that she be committed to a mental facility and the People concur.”
He tells Claudia, “We have to claim that you’re incompetent to stand trial.”
Claudia: ”I’m not incompetent.”
”I’m not incompetent. I’m not incompetent.” (0:06)

MacMillan tells legal aid lawyer Levinsky, “We have two psychiatric reports.”
Box: “Psychiatrists’ reports say she’s unfit to stand trial.” (0:10)

Attorney Saul asks Levinsky, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:11)

Levinsky reads a sign: “PSYCHIATRIC WARD.”
Overhead page: “Dr. Simon, psychiatry, 817.”
Levinsky tells psychiatrist Dr. Morrison, “You mention that you found her flagrantly sexual and had random visions and was subject to paranoid...”
“Is she crazy?”
Morrison: ”Crazy is a word I dislike.” (0:14)

Nurse: “Dr. Morrison’s left a prescription for her.” (0:16)

Psychiatrist Dr. Arantes releases Claudia from restraints. (0:17)

Claudia tells Levinsky, “You’re here to see if I’m crazy, right”
”No, you’re here to see just how crazy I am.”
Levinsky: ”Well, two psychiatrists already say that you are incompetent.”
”... and I’ll sign that motion to commit...”
”The first thing is we got to get a shrink in here to take a look at you...”
Claudia: ”No more shrinks.”
”You know, what I said about lawyers goes double for shrinks.”
Levinsky: “Mrs. Draper, thera are two psychiatrists who already say that you’re crazy. You’ve gotta have at least one psychiatrist who says you’re not crazy...”
”I get up there... I prove I’m competent... I don’t know if you believe this, but I’m a perfectly sane woman...”
”Now tell me I’m incompetent.”
”What am I supposed to do... listen to my own lawyer say I wasn’t competent to stand trial?”
”Well, how competent do you have to be, for Christ’s sake?”
Levinsky: “Let’s say for the moment that you are not entirely incompetent.”
”Do you want me to represent you in this competency hearing?”
Claudia: “Now you... pretend I’m sane, okay?” (0:21)

Levinsky tells MacMillan, “I’m gonna defend the girl at a competency hearing.”
”I’ve got an aunt on Long Island that’s crazier than she is.” (0:26)

Claudia meets with Morrison. Claudia: “Last time you... called me incompetent.”
”Not unless there’s Thorazine in it.”
Morrison: “... and under stress you can become dangerous...”
”You need treatment...” (0:28)

Client Allen, on Claudia’s voice mail: “I feel like an idiot.” (0:33)

Dr. Johnson (actually a patient) tells Levinsky, “We’re talking about the nature of paranoia...”
”I won’t deny that Claudia could benefit from therapy, but it could be conducted on an outpatient basis... We can do a group therapy...”
Claudia tells Levinsky, “Don’t want people thinking you’re crazy.”
”Why do you look nervous?”
Levinsky: “I don’t want you to look like a nut in court.” (0:35)

Judge Murdoch: “This hearing is set to controvert the findings of psychiatric examinations...”
Levinsky: “Your honor, let the record show that counsel for the defense has recommended independent psychiatric examination and testimony, and the defendant has refused...”
MacMillan: “Your honor, two psychiatrists have found the defendant incompetent to stand trial.”
Levinsky: ”I think both psychiatrists should be here.”
MacMillan examines Morrison: “How long have you been a psychiatrist, doctor?”
Morrison: “I’ve been a licensed psychiatrist for 30 years.”
”The examination consisted of questions and answers in the usual psychiatric flow in order to determine the patient’s mental condition.”
MacMillan: “How would you define the mental condition of the defendant?”
Morrison: ”Initially she was silent, withdrawn, almost catatonic, completely uncooperative.”
MacMillan: “Well based on your examination do you believed that the defendant can consult rationally with her counsel and assist in her defense?”
Morrison: ”In this patient’s case she’s so convinced that the district attorney, her parents, and even I, are conspiring to put her away that I don’t see how she could distinguish between a criminal charge and persecution.”
”When a patient is paranoid, and I found the patient to be paranoid...”
Claudia tells Levinsky: “Ask him to define paranoid then.”
MacMillan: “As a professional, would you like to see the defendant receive treatment before being brought to trial?”
”Do you have an opinion... that the defendant, Claudia Draper, as a result of a mental disease or defect, lacks the capacity to understand the charges against her or to assist in her own defense?”
Morrison: “In my professional opinion, at present, the patient does not have the capacity to understand the charges against her, nor can she assist in her own defense.”
Morrison: “After all, Dr. Freud had an accent.”
”Three days after her arrival she blackened the eye of one of our other patients.”
”The patient had to go to the infirmary.”
”Well, I... let the examination provide me with a proper psychiatric profile”
Levinsky, cross examining: “You’ve been a psychiatrist for a good many years.”
”Tell me, you must have testified in a good many competency hearings.”
”Do you have a standard set of questions that you ask these patients?”
”You’re really not used to patients who don’t answer you, are you?”
Morrison: ”I’m used to all kinds of patients.”
Levinsky: ”Well, could it be that... this particular patient challenged you?”
Morrison: ”Mr. Levinsky, I’ve been a psychiatrist for 30 years... I did not show the patient what I was feeling at the time.”
”... what you’re doing here is depriving a sick girl of proper treatment... I want her to receive that treatment.”
”She’s a bright, upper class girl who... broke down... broke down... in a homicidal rage, killed one of her customers.”
”Breakdown. What we’re talking about is breakdown...” (0:43)

Levinsky tells Claudia, “You wouldn’t let me get an independent shrink.” (0:58)

Claudia’s mother on the witness stand: “In high school we had some problems with marijuana...”
MacMillan: “Did you get any professional counseling?”
“Mrs. Kirk, do you think your daughter needs psychiatric help?”
”As a parent... would you like to see your daughter... receive psychiatric treatment?”
Court reporter repeats it: “As a parent... would you like to see your daughter... receive psychiatric treatment?”
Levinsky tells Claudia, “Maybe you are crazy.” (0:59)

MacMillan examines Claudia’s father Arthur: “So you would describe her as... traumatized?” (1:06)

Levinsky examines Arthur: “She never drove you crazy?”
Arthur, referring to Claudia: ”Don’t you see she’s not in her right mind?” (1:15)

Claudia tells Levinsky, “Maybe I am crazy.”
”I’ll go crazy in there again.”
Levinsky: ”You’re sane.” (1:20)

Levinsky asks Morrison, “You drugged my client?”
Morrison: ”After what you put her through today can you imagine me not giving her some sedation?”
Levinsky: ”I don’t want her drugged.” (1:22)

Levinsky examines Claudia: “Mrs. Draper have you been given any medication... any kind of tranquilizers or sedatives?”
Claudia: ”If I lose today they can commit me for a year.”
”Well it means... they can lock me up in a hospital for the criminally insane forever.”
Levinsky: “Tell me, do you accept the findings of the psychiatric examinations given to you at the hospital?” (1:24)

MacMillan cross examines.
Claudia: ”We were a little drunk
”I’ve got liquor and grass.”
”Are you crazy?”
Referring to Morrison: “He thinks whores... stick needles in their arms.”
Morrison: “Your honor... I believe the pressure of this proceeding is doing serious harm to the patient.”
MacMillan: “Mrs. Draper, I’m a little confused.” (1:28)

MacMillan cross examines Morrison: “Dr. Morrison... have you changed your opinion as to her capacity?”
Claudia, referring to Morrison: ”Capacity?... Did they examine him for his capacity?”
”I’m not just a.... patient or a defendant... You think giving blow jobs... is nuts... They’re sane... I won’t be... Claudia the nut... Now he can sign a piece of paper saying I’m nuts, but you can’t make me nuts that way... you can’t make me nuts... I won’t be nuts for you.”
MacMillan: “Dr. Morrison, do you still believe she lacks the capacity to stand trial?” (1:40)

Levinsky: “Your honor... we shouldn’t confuse her behavior with her capacity to stand trial.”
Murdoch: “Mr. Levinsky, I would consider adjourning this hearing... if the defendant would consent to an independent psychiatric examination.” (1:45)

Murdoch: “The court is deeply concerned that the defendant will not permit an independent medical examination.... My role is to determine whether the defendant is competent to stand trial... Can she understand the charge against her?... Can she assist in her own defense?... I therefore find the defendant competent to stand trial.” (1:49)