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The Nutty Professor (1996)

Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn, Larry Miller, Dave Chappelle, John Ales, Patricia Wilson, Jamal Mixon
diphenhydramine | Benadryl | testosterone | crack cocaine
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Prof. Sherman Klump's father Cletus: "Get healthy; get in shape, everybody looking all anorexic... 'cause I'm confused." (0:12)

Sherman watches a scene from From Here to Eternity. (0:21)

Comedian Reggie, referring to Sherman: "You got more crack than Harlem."
"Now we know What's Eating Gilbert Grape..." (0:27)

Richard Simmons on television: "Every time we get depressed we eat and eat and eat."
Sherman binges with candy. (0:30)

Shirt: "Sports Junkie" (0:36)

Buddy Love (thin Prof. Klump) tells Reggie, "He's crazy." (0:46)

Buddy, transforming into Sherman, tells grad student Carla, "... I gotta go to the drugstore and get some Benadryl..." (0:51)

Sherman's lab assistant Jason tells Sherman, referring to Buddy, "This guy's testosterone levels are right off the charts."
"This is nuts." (0:56)

Sherman gestures cutting his wrist with a table knife. (1:01)

Jason: "The testosterone levels are way too high." (1:04)

Carla tells Sherman, referring to Buddy, "He's an egotistical pig..." (1:13)

Sherman: "Jason, I have such a bad hangover..." (1:14)

Benefactor Harlan tells Dean Richmond, "I'm divorced, and my daughter is in rehab." (1:16)

Sherman's father Cletus tells his mother Anna, "You must be crazy to think I'm gonna eat this." (1:17)

Jason reads the testosterone level displayed on a computer monitor. (1:21)

Cletus tells Anna, referring to Buddy, "I know why he like that, 'cause he drunk."
"He drunk." (1:21)

Anna faints, then faints again. (1:24)

Carla: "I'm freaking out over here..." (1:31)

Movie The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps