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The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson, John Ales, Anna Maria Horsford, Melinda McGraw, Larry Miller, Richard Gant, Jamal Mixon, Gabriel Williams, Chris Elliott, Duffy Taylor, Earl Boen, Nikki Cox, Freda Payne, Sylvester Jenkins, Wanda Sykes, Kym Whitley, Bill Applebaum
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Professor Sherman in psychotherapy session. Psychotherapist Dr. Knoll’s sketch features a sign pointing at Sherman: “Screw Loose” and “Nutso.”
Knoll tells Sherman, “You need to understand that Buddy Love is a representation of the uninhibited hedonistic id.”
Sherman: “Is that why they call you a shrink?” (0:05)

Dean Richmond tells Sherman, “We’re gonna have every pharmaceutical company in the world lining up to throw money at us.” (0:10)

Cletus, referring to Ida, “Well, if it isn’t the Alzheimer’s Express, right on schedule.”
Ida: ”Cletus, you out of your mind.” (0:13)

Sherman’s assistant Jason tells Sherman, “Recombining with the gene that governs testosterone production.”
Sherman: “Don’t panic.” (0:18)

Denise’s neighbor tells Sherman, “You’re gonna ruin my lawn, you pervert.” (0:24)

Anna: “Look, Cletus, maybe it’s psychosomatic... sometimes they lose their self-esteem.”
Cletus: “I ain’t lost no self-esteem.”
Anna: “My mama has a healthy libido.” (0:27)

Dean Richmond shows Sherman “a letter from... largest drug company in the world.” (0:34)

Theater marquis: “Cape Fear” (0:36)

Pharmaceutical executive Leanne tells Sherman’s alter ego Buddy, referring to her dog, “She’s driving me crazy right now.” (0:40)

Jason tells Sherman, “When you extracted Buddy somehow it altered the gene that regulates neurotransmitter activity to the cerebral cortex.”
”You’re losing your intelligence sir.” (0:44)

Cletus tells the women, “You sit up here all day, getting sloshed and talking about us men.”
He tells Ida, “You out your... mind.”
”You girls are crazy.” (0:48)

Sherman tells Denise, “I must admit I’m extremely nervous...” (0:49)

Rejuvenated Cletus tells Willie, “You’re crazy.”
Willie strikes a pose from The Karate Kid. (0:55)

Denise’s neighbor calls Sherman “Pervert.” (1:00)

Sherman: “I am an idiot.” (1:03)

Ida tells Buddy, “You know you look just like Ken Norton in that movie Mandingo.”
Buddy: “Oh, Ken Norton... Oh, Mandingo.” (1:05)

Buddy asks Sherman, “You’re not nervous, are you?”
Sherman: “No, I ain’t nervous.” (1:11)

Jason tells Sherman, “When that increases to 78%, your speech and memory...”
Sherman: “I’ll be a total idiot.” (1:19)

Cletus tells Anna, “Sometimes a man do some crazy things... Sometimes you get kind of confused...” (1:22)

Cletus tells Denise, referring to Sherman, “First the boy acting crazy and called off the wedding...” (1:27)

Richmond tells Sherman, “I’ve been calling you a moron for years...” (1:32)

The Nutty Professor (1996)