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Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth, Jean-Marc Barr
Sigmund Freud | Lars von Trier
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Seligman tells Joe, referring to her visions, “From your description it must have been Valeria Messalina, the wife of Emperor Claudius, the most notorious nymphomaniac in history.” (0:03)

Joe tells Seligman, “Consciously or unconsciously it was important for me to have a Cesarean...” (0:14)

Joe tells a motorist, “Well I’m such an idiot with cars...” (0:19)

Joe tells Seligman, “And I, I seem to remember that the systematic approach to the crucifixion is of a violent and not to say sadistic nature.” (0:31)

K beats Joe. (0:42, 0:57)

Seligman tells Joe, “Well, oddly enough, Freud says the opposite.”
Joe: “I can only describe the mood as sexual.” (0:43)

Joe: “One night K had been in what was for him an unusually good mood.” (1:01)

Her boss tells Joe, “I’ve spoken with a psychologist. He says you’re addicted, but that it’s not the kind of addiction that can’t be treated. They have some groups.”
Joe: “I know about these kinds of groups. I don’t have anything to say to a psychologist.”
Boss: “I’m not suggesting therapy.” (1:04)

Psychotherapy group: Joe: “My name is Joe, and I’m a nymphomaniac.”
Psychotherapist: “Sex addict.”
Joe: “My name is Joe, and I’m a nymphomaniac.”
Psychotherapist: “We say sex addict.” (1:04)

Individual session. Joe: “But you can’t be basing your therapy on that one in a million.” (1:05)

Psychotherapy group: Joe: “My name is Joe, and I’m a sex addict.”
”That empathy you claim is a lie... I am a nymphomaniac, and I love myself for being one.” (1:08)

Loan shark L tells Joe, “I understand you possess a great deal of insight about a rather broad spectrum of men.” (1:14)

Joe tells Seligman, “I now meticulously went through the catalog of sexual deviations in fictional form, stories about sadomasochism, fetishism, homosexuality...”
”This is a man who’d succeeded in repressing his own desire... He had lived a life full of denial and had never hurt a soul.”
Seligman: “No matter how hard I try I can’t find anything laudable in pedophilia.”
Joe: “The pedophile who manages to get through life with the shame of his desire while never acting on it deserves a bloody medal.” (1:17)

L tells Joe, “The normal process is to find out what colleagues are in prison or are drug addicts and thereby unable to fulfill their role as parents.”
”Her father is in prison and her mother died of an overdose... Her right ear is slightly deformed, which she’s very ashamed of, and of course this serves to isolate her even more, and it makes her an easy target for even the slightest bit of attention or sign of empathy from you.” (1:22)

Joe’s father tells her the trees look like “crazy souls.” (1:27)

Joe tells Seligman, “I experienced definite abstinence symptoms...” (1:28)

Joe tells Seligman, “But yes, it was a fact that this unworthy feeling I had managed to suppress for so long was creeping up on me... I took it to be forgetfulness...” (1:40)

Seligman tells Joe, “I call it subconscious resistance. On the surface you wanted to kill, but deep down you celebrated human worth and a veil of forgetfulness draped itself over your knowledge of how to rack a gun.”
Joe: “At this moment my addiction is very clear to me, and I’ve come to a decision. Even though only one in a million, as my dubious therapist said, succeeded mentally, bodily, and in her heart of ridding herself of her sexuality, this is now my goal.” (1:53)

Trilogy: Antichrist > Melancholia > Nymphomaniac: Volume I > Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Director: Lars von Trier