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Obsession (2015)

Pierre Boulanger, Loes Haverkort, Jennifer Hoffman
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By telephone, a woman asks Simone, referring to Simone’s husband Eric, "And can Mr. Workaholic himself manage not to sink his teeth into anything and finally spend some more time with his family?" (0:11)

Construction worker Michel tells Simone, "Crazy." (0:42)

Eric tells Simone, referring to his mother, "She had a stroke." (0:46)

Simone Visits her mother's grave in a graveyard. (0:47)

Michel tells Simone,"My mother suffered from depression. She died in that accident..." (1:02)

Eric tells his son Bas, "Granny had a stroke..." (1:05)

Eric tells Simone, "... as if I am only being selfish." (1:09)

Simone recalls Michel’s words: "My mother suffered from depression." (1:19)

By telephone, Michel tells Simone, "Don’t worry. Just don’t panic, okay?" (1:29)