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Ocean Heaven

Jet Li, Gwei Lun-Mei, Chen Rui, Wen Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhu, Yuanyuan Gao
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Dafu exhibits autistic behavior with ideosyncratic waving motion of his left hand and fingers. Dafu and his father, sea aquarium worker Wang, jump overboard with a weight tied to their legs. (0:02) 

Dafu turns military corners when walking. (0:11)

Dafu swims with sea mammals in an aquarium. Wang tells his boss, "That's why he's autistic." (0:13)

Dafu perseverates in speech and gestures. (0:16)

Dafu ignores principal Feng's attempt to greet him. Feng asks Wang, "Dafu is autistic?"
Wang: "The local hospital said he was mentally retarded. They... diagnosed him with autism."
"Finally we found this school that takes kids with autism... didn't listen to anyone and rarely spoke."
Feng: "The state regulates a nine year education. Which also applies to kids with mental disabilities." (0:20)

Dafu arranges items carefully on store shelves. Compulsion? (0:22)

Dafu puts his stuffed dog on top of the television repeatedly despite Wang asking him not to. (0:25) 

Dafu ignores juggler Lingling's pleas for help in retrieving her ball. (0:27)

A woman tells Dafu and Wang, "This home takes kids diagnosed with mental disabilities..."
"... adults with disabilities would come here." (0:31)

Wang tells someone on the telephone: "I want to know if you accept autistic patients." (0:35)

Wang asks Dafu, "Where's the key?"
Dafu echoes, "Where's the key?" Echolalia?
Wang tells Aunt Chai, referring to insurance companies, "They don't take applications for people with disabilities." (0:38)

Dafu refuses to give up the juggling balls, gets upset, and hugs Wang tightly. (0:43)

Lingling tells Dafu about the loss of her parents and her grandmother. (0:45)

Wang takes Dafu to see a psychiatric hospital where inmates languish behind bars. (0:46)

Wang tells principal Liu, "I don't think autism is that terrible."
A woman at a home tells Wang, referring to Dafu, "He was fine this afternoon but then got anxious in the evening."
Dafu, upset, moans. (0:49)

Dafu appears indifferent while Wang struggles in the water.
Wang's boss tells Wang, "You're killing yourself."
Wang, referring to Dafu's mother: "To tell you the truth, I don't believe her death was an accident. When we found out Dafu was autistic she couldn't accept it..." (1:20)

Funeral for Wang. [urn] (1:24)

Ending text: "This film is dedicated to all the heroes among our parents."