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The Odd Couple

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, John Fiedler, Herb Edelman, David Sheiner, Larry Haines, Monica Evans, Carole Shelley, Iris Adrian
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Television journalist Felix appears prepared to kill himself by jumping from his hotel room window. (0:04)

Policeman Murray, referring to Felix, “What a nut.” (0:11)

Sports writer Oscar’s accountant Roy asks Murray, “Are you crazy?”
Oscar: ”Murray, lend me twenty dollars or I’ll call your wife and tell her you’re in central park wearing a dress.” (0:12)

Roy, referring to Felix’s wife Frances: “She’s probably hysterical.”
Murray: “He’s gonna go try something crazy. He’ll kill himself... He’s gonna go out and try and kill himself.”
Oscar: “He went out to kill himself.”
”She said he was going out to kill himself.”
”Because Felix is a nut...”
Vinnie: “But is that what he said... ‘I’m gonna kill myself.’?”
Murray: “A suicide telegram? Who sends a suicide telegram?”
Oscar: “Felix the nut, that’s who.”
Roy: “You can never tell what a guy will do when he’s hysterical.”
Oscar: “He’s too nervous to kill himself. Of course, if you’re gonna kill yourself, where’s the safest place to do it?”
Murray: “The guy may be hysterical.”
Oscar: “... ‘cause he already could have hung himself out in the hall.” (0:18)

Murray tells Oscar, referring to Felix, “He makes me nervous.”
Their friend Speed: ”He makes you nervous? He makes me nervous. You make everybody nervous.”
Murray: “I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’ll kill myself.” (0:24)

Murray asks Oscar, “What, are you crazy, letting him go to the John alone?”
Roy: ”Suppose he tries to kill himself.”
Oscar: “How is he gonna kill himself in the John?”

Murray: ”He could break the glass. He could cut his wrists.” (0:25)

Oscar asks Felix, “How many pills did you take?”
Felix: “I think a whole bottle.” (0:28)

Felix: “That’s hysterical.” (0:29)

Felix tells Oscar, “I think I’m crazy.” (0:33)

Oscar tells Felix, “You... send suicide telegrams...” (0:34)

Oscar tells Felix, referring to Frances, “Oh, she must be crazy about that.”
Felix: “That use to drive Frances crazy.” (0:36)

Felix tells Oscar, “I drive everybody crazy. A marriage counselor once kicked me out of his office, wrote on my chart: ‘lunatic’.”
”I’m a compulsive cleaner... stupid, damned idiot!” (0:38)

Oscar tells Felix, “Don’t drive me crazy before you move in here...”
Felix, “I was gonna kill myself.”
Referring to Frances: ”I want to kill myself, and she’s picking out colors.” (0:41)

By telephone Oscar asks Felix, “Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?” (0:45)

Oscar tells the others, “I’m cooped up here with Mary Poppins 24 hours a day.”
Speed: “I’m goin’ out of my mind.”
Speed tells Oscar, referring to Felix, “You’re the one who stopped him from killing himself.” (0:48)

Felix tells Oscar, “Sometimes I get so insane with myself...”
Oscar: “Get drunk.”
”You’re a hopeless mental case.” (0:54)

Felix tells Oscar, referring to his meatloaf, “The girls will be crazy about it.” (1:00)

Gwendolyn introduces herself and her sister Cecily to Felix and Oscar as “... the Coo-Coo pigeon sisters.” (1:06)

Gwendolyn tells Felix, referring to her deceased husband, “Now you’ve got me thinking about poor Sidney.” (1:17)

Oscar tells the sisters, “I’m crazy about potluck.” (1:20)

Oscar asks Felix, “Are you out of your mind?”
”They are crazy about you. They’re nuts about you.”
”I’m thinking of getting hysterical.” (1:20)

Felix tells Oscar, “You’re crazy. I’m a neurotic nut, but you’re crazy.”
Oscar: “I’m crazy, huh... coming from a fruitcake like you.”
Felix: “Now listen, why don’t you just take a tranquilizer?” (1:28)

Felix tells Oscar, “Something made you go off the deep end like that...”
Oscar: “I’m cracking up.”
”I’ve got a typewritten list in my office of the 10 most aggravating things you do that drive me berserk...”
”... and after three weeks of close personal contact I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.” (1:29)

Murray tells Oscar, “I know Felix. He’s gonna try something crazy.”
Oscar: “Listen, he was driving us all crazy...” (1:37)

Murray: “Oh, this is crazy, Oscar.”
Oscar: ”I know, but he’ll kill himself just to spite me...” (1:38)

Oscar tells Felix, “Bless you and thank you, Wicked Witch of the North.” (1:42)

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