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The Odd Couple II

CastJack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Christine Baranski, Jonathan Silverman, Bernard Hughes, Jean Smart, Lisa Waltz
Year released1998
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Sequel to The Odd Couple

Retiree Oscar tells policewoman Conchita, “Yeah, I’m suicidal, honey.” (0:02)

Oscar tells Wanda, “You know how that perfume drives me crazy.” (0:04)

Retiree Felix tells a flight attendant, “I know that I sound crazy, but...”
He tells the passenger next to him, “I’m nervous because my daughter’s getting married Sunday in California.” (0:08)

Oscar tells Felix, “... you still retain that unique, elusive pain-in-the-ass quality that drives me berserk.”
Felix: “Boy, I was some kind of nut in those days, huh?”
”You know I hate mess, and I hate disorder. I hired a hypnotist to try to cure me.” (0:13)

Felix asks Oscar, “I want to know one thing: Why when you get around me you start to behave like a goddamn, imbecilic, idiotic, totally moronic shithead?” (0:24)

Felix tells Oscar, with the theme from the similarly named film in the background, “The Good, the Bad and the Stupid.”
”You got a better idea los idiot?” (0:25)

A woman in a bar tells Oscar, “I’m Thelma.”
Oscar: “You’re not Louise, are you?” (0:40)

Felix asks Oscar, “Are you crazy?”
Oscar: ”You know, we just used so many metaphors that I forgot what we were talking about.” (0:42)

Bartender: “Drunk and real mad.” (0:46)

Dr. Fox: “The scent of the trees and the flowers always intoxicates me.”
Felix: “Oh, if you’re intoxicated, I’d be glad to be the designated driver.”
Oscar asks Felix, “Are you crazy?” (0:51)

D.A.R.E. poster on wall of police station. (1:03)

Oscar tells Felix, “Maybe your Hannah is the wacky one.”
Felix: “Hannah, wacky?” (1:15)

Oscar tells his son Brucey, “You’re nervous, huh?” (1:17)

Oscar: “This is the biggest, Goddamnedest déjà vu anybody has ever had!” (1:31)

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