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Odd Man Out

James Mason, Robert Newton, Dan O'Herlihy
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Johnny McQueen tells Maureen, "After this, you won’t need to worry until you man comes out of prison." (0:05)

Johnny: "Don’t you start worrying about this business, Kathleen."
”Now don’t worry, Kathleen.” (0:08)

Maureen tells the others, "A drink of tea, is it, and a dose of poison?" (0:18)

Johnny appears delirious, hallucinates a prison guard. “I must have passed out.” (0:20)

Pat tells a comrade, "Don’t you worry." (0:25)

Tom asks Rosie, "What, are you mad?"
Johnny tells Rosie, ”The thing is settled for you, and you won’t have to worry.” (0:49)

Man, referring to Johnny: "He’s tight."
Another man: ”Tight?” (0:52)

Man, referring to Johnny, "The man’s drunk." (1:01)

Kathleen tells Father Tom, referring to Johnny, "I’ll go with him."
Father Tom: ”When people are in deep trouble, they often say to me they’ll kill themselves, and they mean it at the time...” (1:14)

Johnny recalls a man’s words: "Oh, you’re tight." (1:28)

Medical school dropout Tober tells artist Lukey, "You madman." (1:36)

Johnny imagines a conversation with Father Tom. (1:44)

Lukey: "He’s mad. He’s out of his mind."
Tober: ”He’s delirious.” (1:46)

Kathleen fires a revolver at the police, insuring that the police would kill her and Johnny. (1:54)