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Ode to My Father

Jeong Jin-yeong, Yunjin Kim, Young-nam Jang, Jeong-min Hwang, Jung-Min Kim, Kim Seon-yeong, Dal-su Oh
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Shop owner Yoon Kkotbun asks her husband, “Have you gone mad?” (0:20)

His friend Dal-goo tells Kkotbun’s nephew Deok-soo, referring to a young man, “Crazy fool.” (0:23)

Dal-goo, referring to Deok-soo, “Your grandfather’s just gone a bit senile.” (0:30)

Referring to his brother, Deok-soo tells his friend Dal-goo, “Crazy bastard just got into Seoul National University.” (0:32)

Poster: “Rebel without a Cause
Deok-soo asks Dal-goo, ”Are you crazy?” (0:33)

A fellow coal miner, referring to Deok-soo: “I think he’s impotent.”
Deok-soo: “Ah, you soot-covered idiots.” (0:44)

Nurse Young-ja Deok-soo and Dal-goo, “Are you crazy?”
Deok-soo tells Dal-goo, “Quiet, you idiot.” (0:47)

Dal-goo, referring to a German woman: “Is she crazy?” (0:48)

A customer calls himself “Oh, idiot.” (1:08)

Deok-soo asks Young-ja, “You losing your mind?” (1:13)

Deok-soo’s sister Kkeut-soon tells their mother, referring to Deok-soo, “The idiot wanted it that way.” (1:16)

Deok-soo asks Dal-goo, “Are you an idiot?” (1:22)

Dal-goo screams when he sees a snake on his chest. (1:29)

A soldier tells Dal-goo he is “Driving me crazy.” (1:30)

Young-ja asks a neighboring shopkeeper, “Are you crazy?”
Deok-soo: “Have you gone crazy?” (1:36)

Memorial for Deok-soo’s mother. (1:55)