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Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame, Gene Nelson, Charlotte Greenwood, Shirley Jones, Eddie Albert, James Whitmore, Rod Steiger
Gloria Grahame | Rod Steiger
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One woman tells another, "Another mile in that buggy with that Perkins boy, and I'd have lost my mind." (0:39)

Cowboy Curly tells hired hand Jud, referring to Jud’s rope, "You could hang yourself on that."
”You could hang yourself on that.”
Referring to women at Jud’s funeral: ”Some probably even faint.”
Quoting the preacher: ”Folks, we are gathered here to moan and groan over our brother Jud Fry who hung hisself up by a rope by the smokehouse.” (0:57)

Her aunt Eller tells Laurey, "I believe you got something worrying on your mind." (1:08)

Annie's father asks peddler Ali, "You crazy?"
Aunt Eller: ”Curly, you are crazy.” (1:41)

Curly asks Laurey, "Why don't you turn around and look, you crazy woman?"
Referring to Jud: ”I'll stay in the place myself tonight, if you're nervous about that hound dog. Look, you quit your worrying or I'll spank you.”
”Well, new stock to keep up with the way things is going in this year crazy country.” (1:55)

Laurey tells Aunt Eller, "You are such a crazy." (2:15)

Aunt Eller tells Laurey and Curly, "Oh my crazy young’ uns." (2:18)

Reference in Connie and Carla