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Old Acquaintance

Miriam Hopkins, Bette Davis, Gig Young, John Loder, Dolores Moran, Phillip Reed, Roscoe Karns, Anne Revere, Esther Dale
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Architect-engineer Preston asks his wife Millie, “Are you crazy?” (0:09)

Preston tells his journalist friend, “Charlie, you’re drunk.” (0:15)

Millie tells her writer friend Kit, “I hate drunkenness.” (0:15)

Millie tells Kit, “I don’t mean to sound egotistical or over-confidant...”
”It was like I was in a trance.” (0:18)

Kit tells Preston, “I know, my fatal beauty drives men mad.” (0:30)

Kit tells Millie, “... there is a certain ecstasy in wanting things you know you can’t get.” (0:34)

Millie tells Preston, “You’re drunk.”
”Preston, you’re mad.”
Preston: “I was mad not to have done this years ago.” (0:41)

Millie tells Kit, “I should have thrown myself out the window like I planned.” (0:51)

Millie’s daughter Deirdre tells Kit’s lover Rudd, referring to the maid, “Harriet says a good long walk is good for the mood.” (1:09)

Rudd tells Deirdre, “Yeah, you are little nuts.”
Deirdre: ”Last night you said I was nuts.” (1:12)

Kit asks Millie, “Do you think I’d be crazy?
”Referring to Rudd: ”... and you think I’d really be crazy to marry him.” (1:17)

Millie: “You see, I know a great deal about men, Preston, especially when they’re behaving according to their finer instincts.” (1:20)

Deirdre: “Mother, have you gone quite mad?”
Millie: “It’s time you came out of your illusions about Kit.”
Deirdre: “I think it’s about time I came out of a lot of illusions.” (1:24)

Kit tells Millie, “I just ran into Deirdre in the hall, and she was almost hysterical.”
Kit: “Millie, have you gone stark, staring mad?” (1:26)

Rudd tells Kit, “I suppose a woman’s intuition is better than a man’s after all.” (1:35)

Remade as Rich and Famous.