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One Deadly Summer

Isabelle Adjani, Alain Souchon, Suzanne Flon, Jenny Clève, Maria Machado, Evelyne Didi, Jean Gaven, François Cluzet, Manuel Gélin, Roger Carel
Eva Braun
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Josette, referring to Elle’s mother Paula: “They call her Eva Braun.”

Josette’s husband Henri: “You don’t even know who Eva Braun was.” (0:2)

Fireman Pin-Pon, referring to his brother Mickey, “His driving sent me crazy.” (0:04)

Elle calculates with extraordinary speed. Savant? (0:28) Elle

tells Pin-Pon, “I’m tipsy.” (0:31)

Elle, to herself: “What an idiot you look, Elle. If it weren't so funny, I’d kill myself.” (0:32)

Elle, to herself: “You don’t have to turn on the TV to hear idiots talk.” (0:39)

Pin-Pon’s aunt Cognata: “She thinks her insincere and giddy.” (0:58)

Elle tells Cognata, “You’re going daft.”
Elle: “I love you best in this house, but you’re losing your memory... I’m going daft too.” (1:01)

Elle tells her teacher Calamité, “A bloody counselor typed a report saying I was unfeeling, antisocial and perverse.”
”You know what you are? An idiot.”
Calamité: ”Don’t be crazy.” (1:11)

His brother Mickey tells Elle, “Pin-Pon says I’m a daft brush.” (1:25)

Nurse Mme. Tussaud tells Mickey and Pin-Pon, referring to Elle’s father Devigne, “He was shouting like a madman.” (1:34)

PIn-Pon tells Mickey, referring to Devigne, “He must be crazy.” (1:36)

Pin-Pon: “When I finally saw Elle, she seemed to be sleepwalking.” (1:54)

Elle: “I’m not crazy.” (2:04)

Massigne calls Pin-Pon “Idiot.” (2:05)

Calamité tells P-P by telephone, referring to Elle, “She doesn't know who she is.” (2:05)

Elle in a psychiatric hospital. (2:07)

Elle’s psychiatrist tells Pin-Pon, “A neurosis has built up over the years.” (2:10)