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One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

CastJack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Will Sampson, Christopher Lloyd, William Redfield, Brad Dourif, Danny DeVito
Year released1975
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A driver escorts new patient McMurphy into the hospital in handcuffs. (0:04)

Patient Billy stutters in day room. (0:06)

McMurphy meets with psychiatrist Spivey who tells McMurphy, referring to the officials who sent him to the hospital for evaluation, "They think you've been faking it." (0:08)

Ratched leads a psychotherapy group. (0:14)

Patient Harding becomes agitated. (0:18)

Pilbow passes out medication. (0:28)

McMurphy reveals that he did not swallow his capsule. (0:30)

McMurphy uses a hose from the hydrotherapy device to spray other patients. (0:35)

Group psychotherapy: Billy stutters. (0:39)

Ratched: "Billy, wasn't that the first time you tried to commit suicide?" (0:41)

Ratched tells patient Cheswick that "the business of this meeting is therapy." (0:42)

McMurphy asks, "Isn't there one of you... maniacs that knows what I'm talking about?" (0:45)

McMurphy meets with a group of doctors. Spivey observes, "I don't see any evidence of mental illness..." Another doctor asks McMurphy about the meaning of the rolling stone proverb. (0:48)

Billy stutters to McMurphy's friend Candy. (1:01)

Dr. Sanji tells the others, "I don't think he's overly psychotic, but I still think he's quite sick." (1:05)

Psychotherapy group: Harding respond to McMurphy, "I'm voluntary here see I'm not committed." Ratched: "... there are very few men here who are committed." (1:10)

In another ward populated by more disturbed patients nurse Itsu gives medication to McMurphy, Chief, and Cheswick. (1:19)

Chief speaks for the first time, telling McMurphy "thank you..." (1:22)

Itsu spreads "conductant" on Murphy's head with a tongue depressor, then places a bite guard in his mouth and electrodes on his head. A doctor operates an electroconvulsive therapy device (Medcraft). A grand mal seizure follows. (1:25)

McMurphy enters the dayroom during another group session. He asks the other patients, "how about you... lunatics..."
"They was giving me 10,000 Watts a day you know..." (1:27)

A hydrotherapy "tub" room. (1:35)

McMurphy's friend Candy tells nurse's aid Terkle, "Rose was married to a maniac once..." (1:36)

McMurphy announces over the public address system, "It's medication time." (1:37)

Billy stutters to McMurphy, "I'm going to miss you very much,"
McMurphy: "I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this." (1:37)

Billy's stuttering worsens after Ratched indicates she will tell his mother what he did. (1:56)

Billy's bloody, apparently dead, body lies on the floor, broken glass nearby. (2:00)

Aids bring McMurphy back to his bed on the ward. He appears uncharacteristically docile. Chief lifts his head and sees healing lobotomy incisions on McMurphy's forehead. McMurphy does not respond. (2:04)

Chief smashes through the screens using the hydrotherapy unit and elopes. (2:09)

References in FlawlessIt's My Party, PhiladelphiaThe Time of Their Lives (2017)

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