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One for the Money

Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara, Daniel Sunjata, John Leguizamo, Sherri Shepherd, Debbie Reynolds, Debra Monk,Nate Mooney, Patrick Fischler, Ana Reeder
heroin | testosterone | marijuana
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Bail bondsman Vinnie tells bail enforcement agent Stephanie, “I was drunk.” (0:07)

Cop and murder suspect Joe tells Stephanie, “... because you’re a... lunatic who ran me over...” (0:12)

Bounty hunter Ranger tells Stephanie, “The guy Morelli killed... was moving heroin.” (0:14)

Hooker Jackie pretends to ask by telephone, "My mama's bipolar? You would want her to be bipolar. When she goes bipolar all over your you-know-what." (0:20)

Boxing promoter Jimmy asks Stephanie, “Too much testosterone for you...?” (0:23)

Joe tells Stephanie, “You’re a lunatic.” (0:26)

Vinnie’s secretary Connie tells Stephanie a bail jumper “Got drunk as a lord...”
”William Earling, exhibitionist.” (0:33)

Joe asks Stephanie, “You nuts?” (0:35)

In his apartment surrounded by hookahs druggie Cho tells Stephanie, "I've got half an ounce of Kush."
“Cabo, wasted.” (0:47)

Stephanie: “I’d been attacked by a psychopathic fighter.” (0:52)

Jimmy tells Stephanie and Jackie, referring to fighter Benito, “I knew he was crazy. I just didn’t know he was psycho.” (0:53)

Eddie tells Stephanie, referring to Cho, “He’s a garden variety pothead.” (0:55)

Stephanie: “I was in a panic on the drive over...” (1:06)

Eddie tells Stephanie in a telephone call, “I want you to know you saved two people by being a screaming lunatic.” (1:08)

Joe shows something to Stephanie: “See that? It’s heroin.”
Stephanie: ”So Sal's boat was moving heroin?”
”I've never seen heroin before.”Joe: ”Of course that's heroin.> (1:13)

Jimmy tells Joe and Stephanie, “"Hey, you could make a ton of money moving heroin.'... Ziggy's in charge of the dope." (1:17)

Stephanie: "Plus, it might be good for him to channel all that rage." (1:20)