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One, Two, Three

CastJames Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, Arlene Francis, Howard St. John, Hanns Lothar, Leon Askin, Ralf Wolter, Karl Lieffen, Hubert von Meyerinck
Year released1961
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Business executive C.R. “Mac” MacNamara tells his assistant Schlemmer, "Of course... you never liked Adolf."
Schlemmer: ”Adolf who?” (0:06)

By telephone, his wife Phyllis tells Mac, "... We’re having a little crisis here."
Mac: ”Don’t worry.” (0:08)

Trade Commission Chairman Peripetchikoff tells Mac, "Do not worry..."
Mac: ”... A dozen of your top chemists went nuts trying to analyze the ingredients...” (0:10)

Mac’s boss’s daughter Scarlett Hazeltine tells Mac and Phyllis, "... they never take me to any of those marvy places like... the Crazy Horse..." (0:20)

By telephone, Mac tells Scarlett’s father Wendell Hazeltine, "... we were a little worried when she first arrived..."
On another line, Mac asks Phyllis, ”Are you out of your mind?”
Phyllis: ”... Gone with the Wind...”
Mac: ”For God’s sake, Phyllis, we’ve got to find that idiot.” (0:24)

His chauffeur Fritz tells Mac, "That is why I am so worried..."
Mac: ”You’re worried? I’m going down in flames, and he’s worried...” (0:28)

Mac tells Scarlett, "Then you go and pull an idiotic stunt like this..."
Mac tells Scarlett’s new husband Otto Ludwig Piffl, ”... you were washing her brain.”
”... you crazy?”
Mac asks Scarlett, ”Are you out of your seventeen-year-old mind?”
By telephone, Mac tells Phyllis, ”It’s crazy Otto...”
Otto tells Mac, ”... you’re arrogant...” (0:33)

Mac tells Schlemmer, "... All it takes is a little knowledge of physics and elementary psychology." (0:42)

Scarlett faints. (0:47)

Phyllis tells Mac, "Now you’re really running amok." (0:51)

Schlemmer tells Mac, "... this whole idea is crazy..."
Mac’s secretary Fräulein Ingeborg: ”I only worry something will happen to my new dress.” (0:53)

Schlemmer wears Ingeborg’s dress. (1:03)

Mac answers Ingeborg, "Just a couple of lumps of Benzedrine..." (1:07)

Mac: “Scarlett, before that maniac wakes up, I’ve gotta talk to you."
Scarlett tells Otto, ”... yesterday, when you didn’t show up, I fainted.”
Otto tells Scarlett, referring to children, ”Oh you little fool, I want dozens.” (1:08)

Schlemmer wears Ingeborg’s dress. (1:11)

Mac tells Scarlett, "I’m gonna help you if idiot-boy here will cooperate."
By telephone, Mac tells Wendell, ”Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it... You’ll be crazy about him...” (1:12)

Otto tells Mac, referring to manicure, "It’a a symbol of bourgeois decadence and insecurity." (1:17)

Scarlett tells Otto, "Don’t worry..."
Otto: ”What is this, La Dolce Vita?”
”Are you crazy?” (1:20)

Mac tells Scarlett and Otto, "Now I want you kids to memorize your new name." (1:29)

Herr Oberleutnant tells Schlemmer, "... idiot." (1:33)

The Military Police sergeant tells the corporal, "Me in for psychiatric observation." (1:34)

Peripetchikoff tells Mac, "You have made fool of me."
Mac, referring to Ingeborg: “She’s crazy about me.” (1:36)

Otto tells Wendell, "Don’t worry..." (1:44)

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