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Opening Night (2016)

Topher Grace, Alona Tal, Anne Heche, Taye Diggs, Rob Riggle, Paul Scheer, Lauren Lapkus, JC Chasez, Lesli Margherita, Brian Huskey
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | acetylsalicylic acid | alprazolam | Xanax | amphetamine | Benzedrine | cocaine | flunitrazepam | Rohypnol | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | oxycodone | OxyContin
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Nick tells stage manager Alex Bean, "I know that you have a tendency to swallow your words in high-stress situations..." (0:04)

Musician Micky tells Nick, "Marijuana."
”I left my stash at home.”
Nick: “Miky, I don’t have any weed on me.”
”Well, I can’t play the bass guitar unless I’m on drugs, Nick.”
Miky: ”I got nothing without my weed.”
Nick: ”Except for a crippling drug dependency.” (0:05)

Nick tells performer Monica, "You asked us all to do coke with you in a bar... last week." (0:06)

Waldo: "We have another issue with Emotional Eric." (0:06)

Man: "Drugs?"
He hands Nick a packet of marijuana. (0:08)

Actress Chloe tells Nick, "I was really drunk." (0:16)

Malcolm tells Nick, "The only reason you’re trippin’ about movin’ in with each other is..."
”But she was wasted.” (0:20)

Micky asks prop man Ron, "Like Oxys, Bennies, Xany bars..."
Ron: ”Oh, drugs? I don’t do drugs. When I want to get high I just take in the energy and excitement...” (0:22)

Ron accidentally strikes Brooke Tremme in the head, rendering her unconscious.
Lee: ”Okay, she has a concussion...”
Ron tells producer Mr. Goldmeyer, ”I actually knocked her unconscious with a giant chopstick.” (0:23)

Understudy Chloe: "Ah, Nick, this is so crazy."
”Whatever, stage fright.”
Brian: ”Projecting.” (0:26)

Malcolm tells Brandy, "I understand why you’re in denial." (0:33)

Brooke tells Nick, referring to her headache, "It’s thumping so hard I want to kill myself."
Medic Lee: ”Nick, those are ecstasy.”
Nick: ”Ecstasy!”
”What are you doing with a bottle of ecstasy marked aspirin?”
Lee: ”We just Roofied a broadway star.”
”She’ll just experience extreme euphoria, heightened tactile sensory perception and maybe some mild hallucinations.”
Nick: ”Just try not to drop acid with Graham.” (0:36)

Nick tells Ron, referring to Brook, "When she wakes up she might be acting a little funny because of the concussion..." (0:39)

Chloe tells Nick, "You really tried to psych me out."
Nick: ”... I was scared... maybe because of the stress of the night.” (0:42)

Singer Micky asks Nick, "... little bird said there was some ecstasy floating around here?" (0:45)

Nick tells Brooke, "You’re rolling on ecstasy." (0:46)

Goldmeyer asks Nick, "What, are you having a stroke?"
Chloe tells Nick, ”... you psych me out before I go on stage...” (0:48)

Malcolm tells Brandy, "Don’t worry." (1:00)

Brooke tells Chloe, "Nick club-drugged me..." (1:02)

Chloe tells Nick, "... you got stage fright." (1:07)

Monica: "Guys, stress like this can cause premature labor."
Alex Bean: ”Eric... do what everybody else does and pop a Xanax, huh?” (1:10)

Goldmeyer tells Nick, "I forgot you have a learning disability." (1:18)