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Operation Finale

CastOscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, Lior Raz, Mélanie Laurent, Nick Kroll, Haley Lu Richardson
Year released2018
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Title: "At the end of the war, Hitler, Himmler and Goering all escaped justice by taking their own lives." (0:43)

Adolf Eichmann: "... I struggled against endless idiocy..." (0:04)

Movie: Imitation of Life (1959) (0:07)

Movie poster: "Imitación de la vida” (0:08)

Mossad agent Peter Malkin asks his mother, "Seriously, should I worry?..." (0:18)

Agent Rafi Eitan tells Peter, "... not everyone’s as emotionally balanced as you are." (0:20)

Agent Isser Harel tells Peter, "... Every op leader describes you as manipulative, impulsive, and self-absorbed..." 
Peter, referring to Adolf Eichmann: ”We’ll sedate him, make him seem hung over, drunk to shit.” (0:20)

Dr. Hanna Elian tells Peter, "Rafi kept telling me to put him under, again and again and again..." (0:24)

Eichmann tells his son Klaus Eichmann, "This is how I taught you to behave, is it?" (0:29)

Agent Moshe Tabor, referring to Eichmann: "We should be putting him down like a mad dog." (0:33)

Israel Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion: “Our memory reaches back through recorded history." (0:35)

Agent Zvi Aharoni answers Peter, "Worked with the Vatican, then Peron to get Hitler’s higher-ranking officers out of Europe." (0:39)

Hanna: "I’ll be giving him micro doses of haloperidol throughout security... The wrong dose, and he could slip into cardiac arrest." (0:41)

Peter tells Moshe, "... Stop worrying." 
”Shots of adrenaline, straight after, stops you from fainting.” (0:42)

Peter tells Hannah, "Get the sedative." (0:53)

Rafi, referring to Eichmann: "He could swallow his tongue, try to hang himself..." (1:01)

Agent Yaakov Gat: "They’re out of their minds." (1:04)

Carlos Fuldner tells Klaus Eichmann, "... things can go the wrong way if you don’t behave the proper way." (1:09)

Peter answers Aharoni, "His ego..." (1:10)

Eichmann tells Peter, referring to his father, "He introduces me so proudly...” 
”... to be the perfect Nazi you had to be as slim as Goering, as tall as Goebbels, and as blond as Hitler." (1:12)

Peter tells Eichmann, "Don’t worry." 
”My papa died in Israel.” (1:17)

Eichmann tells Peter, "... I would rather end it all..." (1:23)

Rafi tells Peter, "Hey, you’re making everyone very nervous..." (1:24)

Peter shows Eichmann a photograph of his sister Fruma lost in Germany. 
Peter: ”... her boy is dead...” 
Eichmann: ”I think perhaps you worry that the future will look like the past.” (1:31)

Hannah tells Eichmann, "... I’ll give you a shot to relax." 
Eichmann tells Peter, ”I had to drink Schnapps to keep from fainting.” 
”Do it, you coward.” (1:38)

Isser tells the pilot, "Don’t worry." (1:43)

Peter imagines he sees Fruma again. (1:55)

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