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Oslo, August 31st

Anders Danielsen Lie, Malin Crepin, Aksel Thanke, Hans Olav Brenner, Ingrid Olava, Øystein Røger, Tone Beate Mostraum, Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal
ethyl alcohol | cocaine | Catha edulis | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | heroin | amphetamine
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Addict Anders loads his pockets with rocks, lifts a large rock to his chest, and sinks beneath the water. (0:06) 

Anders asks another man in rehab, "Getting high on food now, Gisle?" (0:09)

In a psychotherapy group a woman says, "It's like I'm right back to when I started doing drugs... And the relief from shooting up is gone." (0:10)

Anders' friend Thomas tells his daughter Julia, "Anders used to be a drug troll. Have you heard about heroin and speed and so on? Or khat?"
Anders: "There's this... pitiful junky..."
"We do... psychodrama. It's part of the treatment"
Thomas: "You mean a dopehead plays me?"
Thomas' wife Rebecca: "A dopehead?"
Anders quotes another patient: "Anders, remember how the dope makes you feel warm inside. You can just smoke it. No need to shoot up."
Thomas tells Anders, "It's crazy."
"I often worried that someone would call and say, 'Anders took an OD.'"
Anders: "That was when I started shooting up... money... My first thought was to use it for heroin."
"But it's not about heroin, not really."
Thomas: "Look at the others at rehab."
Thomas tries to talk Anders out of killing himself: "I can't relate to you telling me you're planning to commit suicide."
Anders, referring to his parents: "They'd assume it's an OD."
Thomas: "You've had these thoughts before."
Thomas: "I think anyone would get depressed." (0:15)

Anders tells editor David, "I was a drug addict."
David: "What kind of drug addict?"
Anders: "Cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol... Heroin as well. I was dealing... But I'm clean now... completely clean now." (0:38)

A girl at a cafe tells her friends, "Not since he shot himself. If you're going to shoot yourself, don't use a shotgun! No, his voice isn't quite the same... since he shot himself."
Another girl tells a friend she wants to "Overcome all my... phobias."
Anders, referring to his mother: "She held a tolerant view of drugs." (0:41)

Anders breaks sobriety with wine at party. Anders tells some friends "We were pretty drunk." (0:56)

A drug dealer asks Anders, "Aren't you clean now?" He pours brown powder onto a scale, wraps it in plastic. (1:06)

Anders tells a nutrition student he uses "Drinking to ease the pain." Self-medication?
A partier ask girls, "What's on, a rave?"
A man at a bar tells Anders: "And this isn't about the fact that you're an addict." (1:09)

Anders cooks heroin, uses his belt for a tourniquet, injects and nods off. (1:27)