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The Other Sister

Juliette Lewis, Diane Keaton, Tom Skerritt
Billie Holiday
Spoiler alert
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Carla’s mother Elizabeth, “They are experts, and she has all the symptoms.”
”It is for the mentally challenged.”
Carla’s dentist father Radley: ”I don’t want her to be retarded.” (0:03)

Elizabeth: “That’s very funny but not hysterical.” (0:07)

A shoe salesman tells Carla, referring to Elizabeth, “She’s a little uptight, isn’t she?” (0:13)

Student, referring to student Danny “Uh, he’s a retard.” (0:20)

A man tells Carla, referring to a dog, “He’s for drug sniffing.” (0:20)

Student Danny tells Carla, “It was really confusing.” (0:23)

Heather tells Elizabeth, referring to books, “They advocate disabled people living on their own.”
Elizabeth tells Radley, “You went along with it because you were too drunk to face it.” (0:30)

Carla tells Danny, “I like... Billie Holiday.” (0:40)

Carla and Danny watch The Graduate. (0:44, 1:06)

Elizabeth tells Carla, “I might be having a breakdown.” (0:53)

Danny stutters. (0:58)

Elizabeth tells Radley, “I feel like I’m the mother of a... gay workaholic...”
Radley: ”They’re not drug addicts.” (1:01)

Drunk, Danny walks his bicycle home. (1:21)

Elizabeth: “This earring is driving me crazy.” (1:26)

Danny asks another passenger, “Did you ever see that movie The Graduate?”
”... and he gets all confused...” (1:41)