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Justin Kirk, Catherine Kellner
Ernest Hemingway
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Writer Morris meets with psychiatrist Dr. Patricia Farrow in the dayroom of a psychiatric hospital. (0:02)

Psychiatric staff meeting. “Well, he was diagnosed at admittance with borderline personality disorder.”
”It’s a mild personality disorder.”
Doctor 1: “What’s a borderline waiter doing taking up one of our beds?”
Doctor 2: “Drugs, alcohol?”
Doctor 1: “Release him...”
”... on an outpatient basis.”
”He can stay... but if you can’t come up with a better diagnosis... he’s out.” (0:05)

Farrow tells Morris, “As I understand it Dr. Powell prescribed tranquilizers to you, and you’ve been taking them ever since.”
”He sort of prescribed them to you?” (0:06)

Farrow tells her lover Alex, “I told one of my patients that I would try and help him get his book published...”
Alex: “Good for self esteem.” (0:10)

Psychotherapy session. Farrow asks Morris, “All anxiety’s gone?”
Morris: “Except for one small anxiety.”
”I know somewhere there’s a room with a mattress soaked full of sweat and fear and rage.” (0:13)

Psychotherapy session. Farrow, by telephone: “I’m with a patient.” (0:16)

Farrow asks Alex, referring to Morris, “Don’t you think he’s a little obsessive?”
Alex: “He’s obsessed with you.” (0:23)

Psychotherapy session. Farrow tells Morris, “I’m going to see you on a regular outpatient basis.” (0:24)

Young Morris watches as his exotic dancer mother Francis’ lover Albert beats her up. (0:29)

Psychotherapy session. (0:29)

Psychotherapy session. Farrow asks Morris, “Have you ever been hypnotized?” (0:33)

Psychotherapy session. Morris asks Farrow, “What did your sister die of?”
Farrow: “She committed suicide.” (0:42)

Psychotherapy session. Morris asks Farrow, “Why’d your sister kill herself?” (0:49)

Psychotherapy session. Morris asks Farrow, “Why did she kill herself?”
Referring to his exotic dancer friend Raven: “It seems like someone’s following her.” (0:53)

Alex asks Farrow, referring to Morris, “How’s Ernest Hemingway...?”
Farrow: “I think we should recommit him.”
Alex: “We simply don’t have bed space for borderline cases.” (0:56)

Raven asks Morris, “Why did they put you in the loony bin?” (0:58)

Psychotherapy session. Farrow invites Morris to dance. He recalls Albert murdering his mother. (1:11)

Farrow tells Alex, referring to Morris, “I want him recommitted.”
Alex: “You’re getting hysterical.”
”We don’t have room here for borderline personality disorders.”
Farrow: “He’s not borderline. He’s psychotic.”
”I want him recommitted now.”
Alex: ”You want him recommitted.”
Alex: “I’m admitting Morris to the security ward, and if you don’t sign the recommittal papers, I’m gonna take it over your head.” (1:18)

Morris tells his kitchen manager boss Chuck, “You seem nervous.”
”Nervous, me?” (1:24)

Farrow interviews Morris in the hospital. (1:31)

Her literary agent friend Alan asks Farrow, referring to Morris, “How’s your patient?”
Farrow: “He’s very confused.” (1:33)

Farrow interviews Morris in the hospital. Farrow: “Okay, let’s try hypnosis.” (1:31)