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CastCraig Russell, Hollis McLaren
Year released1977
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Female impersonator performs on stage. (0:00)

Liza Connors tells her hairdresser best friend Robin Turner, "I escaped."
”I wasn't ever certified.”
”I'm not crazy like they say. They only make me crazier.” (0:04)

Liza appears to hallucinate.
She tells Robin, describing a character from her delusions, ”He used to come to me after the shock treatments...” (0:05)

Nurse Carr asks Liza, "Did Dr. Beddoes send you your prescription?"
”Now you must never forget that you were in a mental institution for 8 years, Liza. You're schizophrenic, Liza.”
Liza: ”To... upon waking; three Valium after breakfast; three Manapan at 2:00; Two Nardil at 7:00, and two Valium at 10:00.” (0:13)

Liza tells Robin, "I'm going to make one of the best stories for my crazies."
”I smiled at her, not a very large smile or she'd put me down as manic.”
Referring to her mother: ”She always gets me so depressed...”
”I'm crazy, Liza.”
Robin: ”I am depressed.”
Liza: ”Cuz you're crazy, like me.”
Robin: ”Two looney tunes.” (0:14)

Martin tells Liza, "My psychiatrist doesn't even listen." (0:18)

Liza tells Martin, "Someday I'm going to have 100 stories, just for the crazies all over the world."
”I know, Martin, for the lobotomies.”
Robin: ”... lobotomies?”
Robin’s friend Perry: ”Robin's just dying to do drag...” (0:18)

Her friend Stewart asks Liza, "You into heavy drugs?"
Liza: ” Oh, very, prescription.” (0:22)

Liza: "Bedlam." (0:22)

Perry enters, dressed as a woman. Robin appears, also dressed as a woman. (0:24)

Stuart tells Liza, "Damn crazy bitch. You're crazy." (0:28)

Liza tells Robin, "The people laugh, and they don't go crazy."
”Do it for me and all the crazies.” (0:31)

His boss tells Robin, "They come in to have their egos boosted by men, and if you lose that straight image, you lose the clients."
”Thank heavens that crazy girl works as a cover for you...” (0:32)

Stewart tells Liza, referring to Dr. Beddoes, "Oh, I used to think he had superior intelligence..." (0:33)

In a session Liza tells Dr. Beddoes, "Took another Nardil."
Referring to the faces, ”Hallucinations.”
”Before I forget, I'm almost out of Nardil and Valium, too.”
”They're using new therapies.” (0:34)

Liza tells Robin, referring to Beddoes, "He says I'll always be schizo."
Robin: ”First there was Joan Crawford in Possessed, then Joanne Woodward in The Three Faces of Eve...”
Liza: ”But Robin, maybe I wouldn't hallucinate so much if I was back in the hospital.”
Robin: ”Isn't it lucky they taught you sewing at the nutty bin?” (0:36)

Robin does a comedy routine in drag as Betty Davis: "... she was going out with an outpatient. Where else would you go with an outpatient?"
Oh Jane, you wouldn't treat me so cruelly if I weren't in a wheelchair.” (0:40)

Robin's friend shares a joint with him. (0:46)

By telephone Liza tells her mother, "No, I am not having more hallucinations" (0:47)

A woman partier tells Robin, "You are a sick, power-hungry,... egotistical fag..." (0:48)

Robin tells Pfizer, referring to his party, "... now it's like Valley of the Dolls." (0:49)

Liza tells Beddoes, "I take so many pills I get confused." (0:51)

Perry tells Robin, "Karen black as she was in Nashville." (0:53)

Liza tells nurse Carr, "Yeah, Morningside Nuthouse."
Carr, referring to Martin: ”That boy has got to be caught and locked up.”
Liza: "Why does everybody always want to lock everybody else up? I mean, who's insane anyhow?” (1:07)

Liza tells her editor, referring to her stories, "They're just for crazies." (1:08)

Liza, apparently responding to internal stimuli, talks to a benevolent delusional product Zara. (1:10)

Liza behaves as though delusional product evil Bonecrusher threatens to take her unborn child.
Doctor: ”This’ll stop the hallucinations.” (1:13)

His new agent Bob tells Robin, "So I said I had some Colombian grass."
”He was a deaf mute.” (1:14)

Robin tells her audience, "I've accepted the title role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1:16)

Bob: "Robin, dammit, you are nuts." (1:27)

Robin asks Liza, "Got any Valium in there, chicky?... You're mad as a hatter, darling... I've never known anyone worth knowing that wasn't a positive fruitcake. We're all nuts... You just have a healthy case of craziness."
Liza: ”Craziness?”
Robin: ”Mad. Mad, darling.”
Liza: ”Mad.”
They continue trading "Mad". (1:31)

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