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Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann, Katherine Helmond, Mike Hagerty, Roddy McDowall, Jared Rushton, Jeffrey Wiseman, Brian Price, Jamie Wild
Valium | diazepam
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Socialite Joanna: “You idiots!” (0:17)

Anchor Wilber Budd on KRAB television: “Now they fished her out of the water alright, and she’s conscious, but the problem is she seems to be suffering from amnesia.” (0:18)

Her doctor tells Joanna, “You seem to be suffering from a temporary amnesia...”
Parts of a sign suggest “Psychiatric Ward” (0:19)

Wilber: “We got some more on that amnesia lady story...”
Rose: “The mystery woman is suffering from temporary, but complete, amnesia.”
Doctor: “She’s driving us crazy.” (0:21)

His friend Billy: “Dean you’re crazy, you know that?” (0:22)

Sign: “Psychiatric Ward”
Patients in the day room. Dean: “This is completely crazy.” (0:23)

Joanna (now as Annie) faints when Dean introduces her to the boys. (0:29)

Dean, referring to the boys: “Let’s hope they don’t grow up to be lushes too.”
Annie: ”My mother’s a lush?”
Dean: “Gotta get your memory back.” (0:32)

Dean tells Annie, “It just depends on how drunk I get.” (0:35)

Dean tells Annie, “I’m a little drunk tonight...” (0:37)

Annie asks Dean, “Why do I have this depressed look on my face...?” (0:48)

Annie tells Dean, “And now it is clear to me why I’ve chosen to block it out.” (0:52)

Annie tells teacher Adele, referring to children's potential, “A thing which cannot possibly be measured, least of all by anal compulsive huns.” (0:57)

Dean tells Annie, “Everybody in the place panicked...” (1:03)

Billy tells Dean, “I thought maybe you’d think it was a better idea today, sober.” (1:05)

Annie tells Dean, “Now don’t be nervous.” (1:08)

Dean asks a businessman, “Have you ever been nervous in your life?” (1:09)

Psychiatrist Norman tells Edith and Grant, referring to Joanna, “Her memory’s almost completely restored.”
Grant: ”We need analysis, not Moon River.”
Edith: “Grant, we are not interested in your therapy.”
Grant: “I had my nervous breakdown, and I didn’t have therapy. I never had therapy.” (1:33)

Joanna tells Andrew, “Everyone thinks I’m crazy around here.” (1:38)

Grant tells Joanna, “They should’ve kept you in the psycho ward of that hospital.”
Joanna: ”Dr. Korman, Grant’s having another nervous breakdown. He thinks he’s God.”
Grant: “Korman, my wife is insane. Do we have a straitjacket on board?”
Norman: “I want you to take a Valium. I don’t have my prescription... Take one of mine.” (1:42)

Joanna tells a crewman, “MY husband’s a little bit crazy.” (1:43)