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Overboard (2018)

Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez, Eva Longoria, John Hannah, Swoosie Kurtz, Josh Segarra, Garry Chalk, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Hannah Nordberg, Cecilia Suárez, Mariana Treviño, Jesús Ochoa, Omar Chaparro, Fernando Luján, Adrián Uribe, Payton Lepinski
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Delivery girl Kate listens to recording: "A nurse should monitor for which side effect of antiplatelet medication..." (0:01)

Cook Carlos tells delivery girl Kate, "Crazy things happen all the time." (0:02)

Wealthy industrialist Papi Montenegro, referring to the doctor: "... He's the idiot who cut out my gallbladder and gave me this mystery infection." (0:03)

Papi's daughter Magda tells her sister Sophia, "Antidepressants saved your life." (0:04)

Her mother Grace tells Kate, referring to her dog Fiona, "She has crate anxiety." (0:06)

Kate asks Magda and Sophia’s playboy brother Leonardo, "Let me guess, you were a little tipsy when you got that?" (0:08)

Magda tells Leonardo, "I want to shoot myself." (0:11)

Capt. Oddvar tells the mechanic, "The summers are insane." (0:12)

Leonardo tells Kate, "I'm craving something."
Kate: ”You showed me your ass and did a number on my self-esteem.” (0:12)

Leonardo tells a woman, "I'm drunk." (0:17)

Leonardo tells the doctor, "I don't know what day it is. I don't know where I was born. I don't even know my own name... I remember nothing..." (0:21)

Doctor, referring to Leonardo: "Probably caused by acute trauma to the medial temporal lobe."
Magda: ”Amnesia, really?”
Dr. Fletcher: ”He might get his memory back in a couple of days... but to be honest, we've only had one case of amnesia here in Elk Cove...”
Fletcher: ”Then he'll be shipped off to a psychiatric facility up in Salem.” (0:22)

Kate tells her friend Theresa, "I'm having a total anxiety attack."
Theresa: ”I've got half of Xanax in my purse.”
Carlos: ”Amnesia, right here in our little town.”
Kate reads from a cell phone: ”General retrograde amnesia.” (0:23)

Theresa tells Kate, "Wait, okay, you're just nervous."
Kate: ”Yeah, really nervous. This is crazy, and probably illegal.” (0:25)

Leonardo tells Kate, "Good luck, crazy lady." (0:28)

Kate tells Leonardo, referring to her daughter Emily, "She was the most worried at all."
Leonardo: ”Please don't tell me I'm sober.”
Kate: ”You had your three-year chip, but then you relapsed...”
Leonardo: ”No alcohol, whatsoever.” (0:30)

Kate tells Leonardo, "Sweetheart, I know you had a head injury..." (0:34)

Kate's daughter Molly asks Kate, referring to Leonardo,"Because you think he's a pervert?"
Kate youngest daughter Olivia, ” What's a pervert?” (0:37)

Kate tells Leonardo, "You need 30 days clean and sober. You and your sponsor came up with that."
Leonardo: ”I’m a poor sterile drunk nobody.” (0:38)

Construction worker Burrito tells his coworker Burro, referring to Leonardo, "4 guys got amnesia." (0:40)

Foreman Bobby ask Leonardo, "Any of this jogging your memory, lady hands?" (0:41)

A construction worker asks Leonardo, "Lose your memory and your muscles?" (0:43)

The yacht mechanic tells his wife, "This is going to drive me crazy." (0:46)

Bobby tells Leonardo, "You're lucky you have amnesia." (0:50)

AA meeting: "My name is Leo, and I'm an alcoholic."
AA member: ”Keep coming back.
AA member: ”One day at a time.” (1:00)

Kate tells Leonardo, "I'm just so stressed out about this test."
Leonardo: ”Going to faint.”
Kate: ”You're not going to faint.
Leonardo: ”I'm fainting.”
Kate tells Leonardo she took a class on ”dealing with hysterical patients.” (1:02)

Leonardo tells Emily, "It's very confusing having a daughter." (1:07)

Kate tells Theresa and Bobby, "Now I don't have to keep up this insane lie."
Kate: ”I feel pretty nervous. I think he's going to freak out.”
Bobby: ”Freak out?” (1:10)

Kate tells Leonardo, "Maybe funny crazy or crazy crazy... This is going to sound crazy." (1:11)

Molly: "Dad, what's a pervert?" (1:17)

Kate tells Leonardo, "This is nuts." (1:18)

Emily tells Kate, "He got drunk and blacked out on the beach. We were really worried. I couldn't sleep." (1:19)

Theresa tells Leonardo, "I'm obsessed with sex."
”I'm a sex addict.”
Leonardo: ”One day at a time.”
Theresa: ”Bobby's Latin ego is not going to like being cheated on.” (1:20)

Bobby tells Leonardo, referring to Theresa, "We're starting couples therapy." (1:22)

His sisters and father, believing him dead, hold a memorial service for Leonardo. (1:23)

Leonardo tells Kate "The doctor said my memory could come back suddenly, and he was right." (1:27)

Bernardo asks Colin, "Is that crazy?" (1:35)

Magda, referring to Sophia: "She's lost her mind." (1:38)

Construction worker: "The words of Vito Corleone... a man of intelligence." (1:47)