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CastSofia Essaidi, Assaad Bouab, Alberto Ammann
Year released2022
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Men repeatedly strike another man in the head. (0:01)

Drug kingpin Eduardo Gracia asks released convict Igor, "You suddenly mute?"
Eduardo tells two prostitutes, ”Have patience.” (0:02)

"He was burned after an anti-doping control tested positive for cocaine." (0:04)

Igor tells drug kingpin Alfonso Castroviejo, referring to a law enforcement officer, "He was loaded and wouldn’t let me walk away."
Alfonso: ”Igor, thank you for your silence and your patience.” (0:05)

Igor answers Said Rasriche, "The narcs, asshole." (0:06)

Said’s girlfriend Leila insufflates cocaine.
Igor tells Said, ”... might as well put a sign says ‘junkie’ around your girlfriend’s neck...”
Said: ”He’s crazy.” (0:07)

Bob Fontana tells Sara Bellaiche, "There was a routine sobriety checkpoint..."
Daniel Prat: ”Sara, for once don’t underestimate my intelligence... the asshole that both you and your narc team have dealt with...”
Sara: ”What I see... is... 300 kilos of coke that just went up in smoke. ” (0:11

Sara tells Bob, referring to Nino Braghanti, "He was supposed to get a huge load of dope..." (0:14)

Alfonso tells Igor, "All the best journeys are the ones we dream of..." (0:15)

Sara; "Toulouse narcotic squad..."
Captain Victor Piquemal: ”This is the Toulouse narc squad...”
Another man, referring to Charles Molins: ”He’s already drunk by now...”
Charles: ”Charles Molins, head of the narcotic squad.”
Charles: ”But if he has the dope...” (0:21)

Sara answers, Bob, "Because of the dope."
Bob: ”... one day I watched a fifteen-year-old girl OD.” (0:27)

Widow Juliette Dazin tells Police officer Lucie Di Marco, referring to her husband, "In a cemetery... He died..."
Referring to Chris Rehlinger: ”He’s responsible for trafficking the drugs.” (0:31)

Michel Larrere tells the others, "A junkie was over that way." (0:42)

Detective Franck Darcheville tells his colleague Richard Cross, "I called the narc squad..." (0:45)

Sara tells Richard, "You know I don’t know any drug dealers who would slit a kids throat... before transporting drugs..." (0:49)

By telephone, Franck tells Richard, "They’ve been a drug dealing family for generations... They specialize in growing cannabis in Kif, and now they just started dealing coke..." (0:50)

Richard tells the others, referring to Cris Rehlinger, "... he’s the one who runs the drug scene in the projects..." (0:54)

By telephone, Franck tells Richard, referring to the traffickers, "... lunatics." (1:06)

Charles tells the others"... we do know they are involved in trafficking drugs across the Paris suburbs... in collaboration with the Spanish anti-narcotics police..." (1:09)

Victor smacks Eduardo in the face. (1:11)

Richard: "You’re in deep shit, Willy: drug distribution..."
Willy De Berg: ”I got involved because of the dope...” (1:11)

Nino Braghanti tells Sara, "... in your dreams, bitch."
Nino butts Richard in the face. (1:15)

Richard tells Sara, "... you stopped us from getting a cop killer with 150 kilos of coke in his trunk?" (1:16)

Bob tells Nino, "I’m not in the mood." (1:22)

Charles tells Sara and Richard, "He’s done drug trafficking..." (1:25)

Sara tells Braghanti’s lawyer, "Mr. Braghanti was just apprehended with 150 kilos of cocaine right in the trunk of his car." (1:26)

A reporter asks Braghantie’s lawyer, "Were you aware about his involvement in the international drug trafficking scene?"
Lawyer: ”... he’s too old for drug trafficking.”
Reporter: ”... in Spain this narcotics haul has already left several dead.” (1:28)

Franck tells the others, "The two share farmland to grow cannabis." (1:33)

By telephone, Bob tells Sara, "Well, I’ve got a hangover..." (1:35)

Sara reacts to the death of Igor. (1:45)

Waheed Nawabi tells Sara and Franck, "They grow the best weed in the Rif... diversify with cocaine..."
”He was meant to be in treatment that day, but a nurse had a complication with another patient... she panicked...”
”... we bought pastries, which were drugged...” (1:47)

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