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Pal Joey

Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak
dimenhydrinate | Dramamine
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Singer Joey tells his instrumentalist friend Ned, "She was one of those new kids, a little nervous you know." (0:13)

Joey replies to chorus girl Linda, "Simple, I’d have killed myself." (0:24)

The pet store owner tells Linda, referring to Joey and his new dog, "He's crazy over him." (0:37)

Joey tells Vera, "By the way, if you knew what you were throwing away, you’d cut your throat." (0:45)

Vera tells club owner Mike, "I'm in the mood for a little entertainment." (0:50)

Joey tells Vera, referring to Vera's husband, "Well, why doesn't he try a little Dramamine?"
Drunks tossing pennies.” (0:57)

Joey replies to Linda, referring to his mother, "She say that you were stoned." (1:20)

Joey tells Linda, "Oh, your first hangover, huh?"
”Hangovers running my family.”
Linda: ”It's not just the hangover.”
Joey: ”You mean now that you're sober you still want to do the strip number?” (1:23)

Joey asks Linda, "Are you out of your mind or something?" (1:46)