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Ellen Barkin, Richard Masur, Matthew Faber, Angela Pietropinto, Bill Buell, Emani Sledge, Valerie Shusterov, Will Denton, Hannah Freiman, Rachel Corr, Sharon Wilkins
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Sequel to Welcome to the Dollhouse

Her brother Mark reads a eulogy Memorial service for Dawn. (0:00)

Her mother Joyce tells Aviva, referring to her cousin Dawn, “Maybe if she hadn’t grown obese...”
Aviva: “Missy told me after the funeral that Dawn was pregnant from a date rape and that that’s the real reason that she killed herself.”
”... if I were pregnant, I would never kill myself.” (0:03)

Joyce asks Aviva, referring to Aviva’s pregnancy, “What happens if... it’s brain damaged or mentally retarded?” (0:16)

Joyce tells Aviva, “I admit I was a little nervous about the whole idea.” (0:21)

Aviva grieves the loss of her relatives. (0:43)

Barbara Sunshine: “Well, my mother was a drug addict... and when she got pregnant, she took a lot more drugs. I was born blind because of all the drugs... my mother overdosed, choking on her own vomit... I... had psychological evaluations, but I wouldn’t speak...” (0:48)

Truck driver Earl tells Aviva, “Maybe I just set up an undercover sting operation for pedophiles.” (1:11)

Rifle in hand, Bob, knowing the police wait outside, opens the motel room door. Suicide by cop? (1:20)

Joyce tells Aviva, “Your cousin Mark is a child molester.”
Aviva’s father Harvey: “Misused child molester.”
Joyce: “Misused child molester.”
”Little Di was molested.”
”And Missy herself was kidnapped by a child molester...” (1:21)

Her cousin Mark tells Aviva, “If you’re the depressed type now, that’s the way you’ll always be... a sex change... it makes no difference...”
”I’m not a pedophile.”
Aviva: “I believe you, ‘cause pedophiles love children.” (1:27)

Sign: “Warning; Lyme Disease” (1:32)

Judah tells Aviva, “Your parents must have been totally freaked out.” (1:33)